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Air Source Heat Pump Installations


Why Install Air To Water Heat pumps?


Most homes have a mains gas feed in which case a general gas boiler such as a condensate boiler or Combi is usually the easiest and cheapest way of heating and providing hot water for your building. Where a property has no mains gas feed or is using oil, bottled gas, no room for ground source or even direct electric heating then air to water heat pumps comes into its own.


How Much Money Will It Save?


Generally a air to water heat pump is up to 3 times more efficient than using direct electricity heating, twice as efficient than mains gas and non comparable with bottled gas and oil. The indicial cost of air to water systems can be more expensive but the return on investment is fast because of its efficiency.


What Units Are The Best ASHP On The Market


There are three main manufactures in the market for air source heat pumps for homes. The ultimate system is from world air conditioning and heat pump manufacture Daikin, the Daikin Altherma which is superior in control and heating efficiency is without doubt the install and forget system. With solar collector add-on facility and large thermal store capacity these units are the most expensive but comprehensive in every way. The second player is Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan. These are popular for commercial buildings and offer a reliability and efficiency that is comparable with Daikin Altherma. The Ecodan is a product that needs to be installed by a registered dealer so has become a bespoke product that most DIY home developers have not taken up. The best value system is the Panasonic Aquarea which comes in a mono-block or split format. The Aquarea is by far the cheapest and offers great efficiency and control.



Where We Can Help


We can offer a free survey for your home or work place on ASHP installations in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire. For other areas please call for information on the contact details below.





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