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Daikin Air Conditionings new VRV heat recovery systems


Daikin Air Conditioning VRV IV Heat Pump Inverter

New features on the Daikin VRV-IV


Due to significant developments in heat pump technology, today’s air conditioning systems, running on R-410A refrigerant, offer better performances than R-22 and R-407C systems did in the past. Furthermore, R-22 will be soon unavailable in Europe. Already today, only reclaimed or recycled R-22 can be used for servicing. To upgrade R-22 and R-407C systems as cost effectively as possible, Daikin units can be installed using existing pipe work. Replacement technology is available for residential and commercial applications and includes some new features including PIR's and Smart-phone control.

Daikin Air Conditioning BRYQ140A Integral 360` PIR Sensor For FCQHG-F Roundflow Decoration Corner Panel With BRC7FA532F IR Controller


Is it necessary to remove the existing piping?

It is not necessary to remove the existing piping and even the indoor units can remain (depending on type of indoor unit). This means work only has to be carried out at the outdoor unit and not inside your building in case of a heat pump installation. The outdoor unit automatically charges the refrigerant and cleans the refrigerant piping. This unique Daikin feature makes the installation time even shorter.


Clever Design Built In

Among its most important design features is the ability to connect up to 64 indoor units (40 for VRV-IV) to a single outdoor unit in increments of 2HP up to 48HP. Outdoor unit modules can be configured on a combined ‘multi’ basis between 18 and 48HP with a single heat exchanger as well as in a ‘stand alone’ format from 8 to 16HP with two heat exchangers that is currently the largest single unit on the market. VRV-IV HR also offers up to 200% overall increase in unit diversity ratio for a single outdoor module system and 160 to 130% on double or triple multi modules. Operating range is wide at -50C to 430C in cooling and -200C to 15.50C in heating and the system supports no less than 14 different format indoor fan coil units.  

Unlike contemporary VRF systems, which cease operating during defrost and oil return, alternate defrosting of the heat exchangers on VRV HR multi module outdoor units or the dual outdoor coil of single modules allows continuous heating to be supplied from the indoor units throughout these cycles thereby avoiding the transmission of cold draughts of air into the room area.  

The new VRV heat recovery system complements the VRV heat pump and cooling only models. This new system represents a significant step forward in addressing both existing and forthcoming environmental regulations. In addition to its heat recovery facility, it also offers many design, installation and maintenance friendly refinements.

Energy efficiency

VRV Heat Recovery takes full account of Building Regulations Part ‘L’ energy efficiency requirements. It returns significantly higher efficiencies than older VRV with an enviable 14% average increase in efficiency across the range, with the most efficient units reaching a 20% increase in efficiency. COPs and EERs of up to 4.3 and 4.1 respectively are obtained at 100% connection. This exceeds the criteria set for ECA qualification.

Daikins Increased comfort through continuous heating

The new VRV Heat Recovery system improves on delivered heating capacity compared to other systems on the market, through changes in operation during defrost. As each system comprises at least 2 heat exchangers in the outdoor unit, the system will defrost these alternatively. This results in continuous heating at the indoor unit even during the defrost cycle. Where other VRF systems stop operating, VRV continues in heating to maintain comfort.


Wide range of indoor units

VRV air conditioning brings summer freshness and winter warmth to offices, hotels, department stores and many other commercial premises. It enhances the indoor environment and creates a basis for increased business prosperity and whatever the air conditioning requirement, a Daikin indoor unit will provide the answer. VRV air conditioning can be supplied via 13 different indoor unit models in a total of 75 variations, including the new low-height round flow cassette. The maximum number of indoor units connectable to one system has increased across the range with up to 64 being connectable to the largest outdoor unit.


Extended piping length

VRV offers an extended piping length of 165m (190m equivalent piping length) with a total system piping length of 1,000m. When the outdoor unit is located above the indoor unit, the standard height difference is 50m. This can be extended to 90m as an option. In case the outdoor unit is located below the indoor unit, the height difference is 90m as standard. After the first branch the longest piping length is now a maximum of 90m.

Higher External Static Pressure

Due to the increased External Static Pressure in VRV Heat Recovery to 78.4 Pa, it is now possible to install condensing units within the building when external space is restricted.


Installer benefit "Automatic charge function"

With VRV-IV however, these 2 steps are omitted since VRV unit can be charged with the necessary amount of refrigerant automatically via a push button on the PCB. Automatic charging will cease once the appropriate amount of refrigerant has been transferred.

Daikin Air Conditioning RS-SE Service Software Configuration Tool

Conventional Setup and Fault Diagnosis:

1. manual calculation of additional refrigerant charging volume

2. manual charging the unit with additional refrigerant

Automatic test

When refrigerant charging has ceased, pushing the test operation button on the PCB will initiate a check on the wiring, shut off valves, sensors and refrigerant volume. This test ceases automatically when completed.

Self diagnostic function with controller error display

This function operated via push button on the PCB, speeds up troubleshooting and is used for start-up and maintenance.

Daikin Air Conditioning BRC073 Hard Wired Remote Controller BRC1E52 Style For FTXS, FTXG, FVXS, FTXM, FTXJ


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