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Music Studio air conditioning kit


This is a complete installation kit for music studio air conditioning

Includes the following:

• 1 x Fujitsu air conditioning heat pump inverter ducted unit ARY18L
• 1 x Infra-red remote controller
• 6m x Pipe work for indoor and outdoor unit + cable + wall bracket
• 20 m Attenuated noise reducing insulated ducting
• 1 x Return Grille
• 3 x diffuser outlets and fixing collars
• 3 x Spigot outlets for air conditioning unit




For Music production studio air conditioning noise attenuation is the key to successful low initial Db levels. We recommend the Mitsubishi Electric or Fujitsu ARY ducted air conditioning units. We have provided many music studios with these units which have proved to be very quiet once installed. Perfect for areas where you want concealed air conditioning. Units can be seated upright for floor based applications or mounted above a ceiling. Fujitsu have developed the DC inverter system with a circuit V-Ram. The result is a reduced sized DC compressor which, in addition to providing greater performance, allows the appliance to heat up efficiently even when the outside temperature is very low. Unlike conventional systems, the Fujitsu inverter technology adapts the speed of the compressor to the needs of each moment, consuming only the energy required. This allows temperature swings to be reduced drastically and maintains a margin of between ±0,5ΊC, providing greater room temperature stability and comfort.


Ultra compact units:

These low-profile models (21.7 cm in models of up to 5,400 W and 27 cm in models of up to 14,000 W) are also extremely compact as the junction box is built into the side of the unit. This makes them very versatile in a limited space music studio.

More convenient maintenance:

To facilitate the maintenance of the units as much as possible, the structure of the base has been divided into two pieces (front and rear). In addition, the position of the fan has also been developed in 2 pieces (one higher and one lower).

Product Key Feature's:

• High CoP, up to record 4.19
• Infra-red controller    
• Slim construction 217mm
• Pipe runs up to 25 metres
• Noise – 28dBA on low
• Back-up switch for loss of controller
• Cold draft prevention on heat pump start up
• Fault diagnosis
• Auto re-start after power interruption
• PRE-CHARGED WITH REFRIGERANT for up to 10 metres pipe length
• With “Power Diffuser” effect for greater comfort.
• Automatic cleaning function.
• Cleaner and healthier air with ion generator incorporated in indoor unit.
• Low ambient tested to -15 Deg/C in heating.
• M a x i m u m  i n s t a l l a t i o n  v e r s a t i l i t y
• R e m o t e  c o n t r o l  w i t h  t h e r m o  s e n s o r
• Light weight noise absorbing outdoor unit.


ASY Wall Mounted ARY18L
Power source 1 ph 240V
Type  Inverter  rotary DC
COOLING (nominal) max. kW  5.2 / 17000 BTU
HEATING (nominal) max. kW 6.2 / 18000 BTU
UK Cooling (max) kW  n/a
UK Sensible Cooling kW  n/a
E.E.R.  n/a
Energy label in heating  C
Energy label in cooling  C
C.o.P  3.26
ECA - Yes



Exterior dimensions (mm) 595 x 953 x 217
Net weight kg 25
Sound Pressure Level* dB(A) (F/M/S/Q) 34//31/28/





Exterior dimensions (mm) 650 x 830 x 320
Net weight kg 54
Power Source Rating MCB A 15A
Refrigerant max piping length m 25
Pre-charged with 10m refrigerant R410a
Sound Pressure Level* dB(A) - 49
Pipe sizes - 1/4" / 1/2"




Other Information:


Music studio case study and pictures can be viewed here

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