Portable air conditioning units
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Portable Air Conditioning Units

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Portable Air Conditioning Unit (15000btu/4kw) Kompact 15 Heating and Cooling


Portable Air Conditioning Unit (16000btu/4.5kw) Kompact 16 Heating and Cooling


Portable Air Conditioning Unit (18000btu/5kw) Kompact 18 Heating and Cooling


Broughton MCM230 7kw (23000 btu) Industrial High Output Portable Air Conditioning 110v/240v


Portable Air Conditioner Titan-Cool TC32 (9.4 kW / 32000 Btu) Industrial unit


Broughton MCWC250 7.3kw (25000 btu) Industrial High Output Portable Air Conditioning 110v/240v


Portable Air Conditioning Unit Koolbreeze KCA35 Heating and Cooling (35000Btu/10.3kw)


Koolbreeze KCA28 28,000btu/7.9kw Portable Air Conditioning Unit



Portable Air Conditioning Units


How Portable Air Conditioning Is Generally Used:

Usually used as a temporary way of cooling, portable air conditioning is used in  diverse applications such as server room air conditioning, office cooling, work cabins , containers and home air conditioning. Portable air conditioning can be versatile in their use as they can be moved and are a completely self contained system as a apposed to a fixed air conditioning system which cannot be moved easily. The main thing to consider with portable air conditioning is where to vent your hot extracted air. Portable air conditioning comes in two formats, split portable air conditioning and mono-block air conditioning and hopefully the below explanations will help.

Split Portable Air Conditioning

Split portable air conditioning units have a flexible umbilical pipe assembly which connects the inside part of the portable air Broughton MCWS250 7.3kw (25000 btu) Industrial High Output Portable Air Conditioning 110v/240vconditioning unit with the fan and coil outside part. They are mainly used in multi story office blocks where air conditioning is not permitted by landlords or impossible for a split air conditioning unit to be installed. they are also found in temporary work cabins and huts. The outside coil and fan is hung out of a window on a bracket designed to fit on the window sill. This gives the split unit limitations as the umbilical tube which connects the indoor and outdoor unit has a set distance as to where the indoor unit can be mounted within the area. A 60mm diameter hole can be drilled in a wall to fit the umbilical pipe through for a more fixed approach to use. Where before the year 2012 refrigerant gas was used in the umbilical but now the units are used with a glycol water mix to comply with regulations.

Mono Block Portable Air Conditioning

The most popular type of portable air conditioning system is the mono-block air Portable Air Conditioner Titan-Cool TC21 (6.1 kW / 21000 Btu) Industrial unitconditioning unit which has a flexible duct hose usually around 100mm to 125mm in diameter which expels the hot air to the outside of the building either out of a window or dedicated exterior wall vent although if you have a suspended ceiling with good ventilation the void can be used to dump the heat. The mono-block portable air conditioning units are a stand alone self contained system which have the condensing coil (heat exchanger) integral within the assembly of the units. The mono-block system is by far the most popular type of portable air conditioning unit as it can be used in a wide verity of applications. Again the mono block portable is limited by the extract exhaust hose which is usually 1.5 meters to 2 meters though this can be extended if the extension hose is a large diameter.




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