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Daikin Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating Compliance 2012


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Daikin air conditioning lead the industry with cutting edge technology and  energy saving model range. The new SEASONAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY RATING (SEER) is approaching (2013) and Daikin have released new models to comply with the European regulations. The new range comes with a new logo to what is being called the Seasonal range. The seasonal range gives higher COP efficiency over a years use where most manufactures only test for a short term at a regulated temperature thus not giving the user a true COP based over a years use. Daikin's models include the Seasonal Classic and Seasonal Smart. The Seasonal Classic has an improved efficiency of 27% on its  predecessor while the Seasonal Smart has a 34% improvement.

The new Daikin seasonal range will comply with the European seasonal energy efficiency legislation due in 2013, the new regulation stipulates that new air conditioning and heat pump equipment UNDER 12Kw must have a (SEER) SEASONAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY RATING which is calculated for regional climates. For example: In Europe we have seasonal weather changes which result in equipment being used for heating in winter and cooling in summer where in central Africa equipment will predominantly be on cooling. With such a varied temperature differences in regions worldwide the new regulation was introduced to tailor equipment to regions thus forcing manufactures to optimise performance of regionally used equipment. The SEER has been used in the USA since 2005 after the 2005 regulations prohibited any air conditioning unit with a SEER of 13 in a home use application.

Daikin air conditioning are the first to introduce this rating in Europe for 2012 to their equipment but all manufacturers will have to follow in 2013 to sell their equipment in regions that the new regulations apply to. Equipment compliance means that Daikin are looking at a small increase in price for 2012 of around 8% in the UK but it will be relative in 2013.



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