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Completion of Office Air Conditioning Installation


Orion air conditioning has completed the installation of a office air conditioning system for ERS Limted (Electronic Reading Systems Limited) Kempston, Bedfordshire. The office required a cassette and wall mounted air conditioning system for the main office, a mix of individual offices and a server room. Daikin air conditioning units were installed for the entire office areas. Daikin air conditioning units are renowned for long reliable life span and are ideal for offices and server rooms due to their high quality controls. The Daikin air conditioning are energy efficient inverter systems which have a high COP and modulated inverter compressor which can save up to 40% on running costs.

What air conditioning units were installed at ERS Limited:

9 x  Daikin Conditioning Inverter providing enough cooling and heating for the office and a server room. The full replacement of the existing systems with all wall air conditioning units, instead of a mix of cassettes was a safer option because when air conditioning unit fails they tend to leak water. If the water leaks out of a cassette it can drip into the top of important server equipment, with wall units this limits the leakage to the sides of the room. These Mitsubishi PKA-RP100KAL can be found worldwide and have a amazing COP (3.61 x initial electrical input) which means that every 1000w of electrical energy going in produces 3610 watts of cooling.

For more information on air conditioning suitability for server rooms visit our advice page.

Server room air conditioning efficiency and CO2 emissions:

This air conditioning system, because oversized for the area meant we had spare capacity in case of any failure on any of the systems. The clients servers held critical medical data relating patients so could never fail. The bonus of the extra capacity was that the systems ticked over at sub 50% capacity and the outdoor inverter units slowed down because the temperature had been reached, therefore just pumping small amounts of cooling energy in to maintain the server room. The energy saving was phenomenal and CO2 emissions significantly improved.


When considering office air conditioning and heating it is worth considering  quality air conditioning manufacturers such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu etc for trouble free heating and cooling. Cheaper air conditioning units such as DIY / self install air conditioning equipment do the job but lack control features that commercial air conditioning systems have as standard. For example a 24Hr/7day timer so when your office isn't occupied the air conditioning is not running costing you money. A 7 day timer is a worthwhile consideration with the price of electricity if you are heating or cooling a unoccupied area for 1 hour a day 5 days a week the cost will soon mount up. Generally if a 5 kw air conditioning heat pump was to be run at full power continuously for 10 hours/day it will cost in the region of UKŁ0.19/hour at current UK electricity costs (spring 2012). Usually air conditioning will switch off once it has reached temperature and with new high COP inverter models this cost is almost halved to 0.095p/hour.

More commercially orientated air conditioning systems have superior mode settings for heat, cool, fan, dehumidify and auto which is often required in a office environments where the occupants may want the temperature set at different levels for separate areas. Commercial air conditioning systems are compatible for open plan office environments where one controller is required to control the area instead of a multiple of controllers in the hand of many users. Cheap systems lack automatic features which lets you set the temperature and the unit will change between heating and cooling automatically. This gets rid of the issue of a summer and winter switch-over which is a important requirement for large office air conditioning system. Most commercial office air conditioning systems have 3 years warranty and because they have a higher efficiency they usually have a ECA listing (air conditioning heat pumps only) which means the end user can claim against capital gains (businesses only).

Inverter air conditioning units are recommended for daily usage

The latest air conditioning inverter heat pump system's are some of the most efficient ways to heat a office area. It is also great for energy saving and CO2 footprint reduction where gas or oil is used. With electricity, gas and oil prices rising it is worth taking into account the C.O.P of a air conditioning heat pump units (efficiency), the higher it is the more efficient it is. If a unit has a C.O.P of 3.8, then this mean that it will create 3.8kW heat output from a electricity input of only 1kW.
The Mitsubishi Electric Super High COP Inverter Heat-pump Air Conditioning unit is supposed to cost just 0.16p to run for the whole day.

ECA Tax allowance for commercial installations

If you are a commercial user you will get 100% tax allowance via ECA program. This is limited to professional commercial systems and is well worth taking up as you will be able to write off the equipment & installation cost against tax owed. Take a look at the ECA web site for more information on the air conditioning ECA program. Daikin only.

Heat recovery fresh air system

The commercially orientated Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay fresh air system can be utilised virtually anywhere in a office environment to extract stale air and then recover the heating or cooling energy to either warm or cool incoming fresh air. New "Hyper Lossnay Core". At only 25um (approx 1/5 the thickness of LGH-RX3) the Lossnay core uses the thinnest paper in the world to achieve high enthalpy exchange efficiency. If you are looking for fresh air exchange the Mitsubishi Lossnay is well worth looking at and has been tried and tested for many years in home and commercial.

How it works-

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Mitsubishi Electric Super High COP Inverter Heat-pump Air Conditioning unit
Portable Server Room Air Conditioning Unit (Heating and Cooling)
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Worcester Hot Water Solar Panel Collector Roof Installation Package
Zeus 2.8kw Patio heater with 40w light and magnetic remote control (as seen on Dragons Den)

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