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Electrolux Air Conditioning and dehumidifiers

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Red Giant FF20 Industrial Heater 20Kw / 66000Btu

Solar and Wind Educational Kits

Mitsubishi Electric Super High COP Inverter Heat-pump Air Conditioning unit

Portable Server Room Air Conditioning Unit (Heating and Cooling)

LED lighting, fittings and Lamps

Worcester Hot Water Solar Panel Collector Roof Installation Package

Zeus 2.8kw Patio heater with 40w light and magnetic remote control (as seen on Dragons Den)

Mitsubishi SRK20ZIX AIR TO AIR Heat pump with 5.45 C.O.P

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Portable Air Conditioning Midea MPF-12CEN2 (3.5 kW / 12000 Btu) SPECIAL OFFER
Portable Air Conditioning Midea MPF-12CEN2 (3.5 kW / 12000 Btu) SPECIAL OFFER

2.5kW Oil Filled Radiator (24 hour timer)
2.5kW Oil Filled Radiator (24 hour timer)

Meat Holding Room 0 to +2DegC for Room Size Up to 8 cubic Metres
Meat Holding Room 0 to +2DegC for Room Size Up to 8 cubic Metres


Blue Giant Series FF3 Industrial Heater 3Kw / 12000Btu






Lg Libero Art Cool Mirror Inverter CA09AWR-NB0 (2.5kw) Wall Mounted Heat Pump Inverter


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning SRK20ZJX-S (2.8 kW / 9000 Btu) HYPER-INVERTER Heat Pump

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Mitsubishi Air conditioning unit SRK50ZG (Wall Mounted)

Mitsubishi Air conditioning unit SRK63ZE (Wall Mounted)

Mitsubishi Electric Air conditioning  - MSZ, 25, 35, 50 VA

Fujitsu air conditioning - ASY 09, 12, 18,24,30 wall unit- Always available

Fujitsu air conditioning - AUY Cassette Systems.

Fujitsu air conditioning - ACY Ducted Systems.

Fujitsu Multi-systems

Sanyo SAP commercial air conditioning in stock. 

Full range of Sanyo Air Conditioning  Systems.  

Portable air conditioning unit RCM4000

Portable air conditioning unit AB7082

Portable Air Conditioning unit Daitsu APD9A

Mitsubishi Air conditioning - Cassette - FDTA-251-HEN

Mitsubishi Air conditioning - Cassette - FDTA-401-HEN

Mitsubishi Electric Air conditioning  - MSC, 25, 35, 50 VB Wall Mounted Split

Mitsubishi Air conditioning unit SCM60ZG (2 indoor wall units on 1 outdoor)

Mitsubishi Air conditioning unit SRK71ZE  (Wall Mounted)

Mitsubishi Air conditioning - Cassette - FDTA-201-HEN


















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