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Industrial Electric Heaters

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited (CFCL) is providing solutions using nanotechnology which meets these efficiency and environmental goals

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited, (AIM/ASX:CFU)  has sold three BlueGen gas-to-electricity generators to one of the UK's leading energy companies, E.ON


 Cermamic Fuel Cell Introduce The BlueGen Fuel Cell micro CHP unit in Germany (14/12/10)


Currently Not Available In The UK or Ireland
BlueGen is the latest breakthrough in small scale electricity generation - a modular style fuel cell generator that can be configured to suit a range of different markets and installations.  For markets that require an alternative product approach to fully-integrated 'European style' systems, such as Japan, Northern America and Australia - BlueGen™ bridges that gap.

BlueGen Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited

The future of electricity generation will be using a Distributed Generation network, where electricity can be generated and consumed at the point of use. Distributed Generation networks can address the concerns of; increasing electricity demand, limitations of traditional power generation, efficiency losses through transmission & distribution lines and significant infrastructure investment. There is a need today, and in the future, for secure and highly efficient generation of electricity with significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions. BlueGen™ is the latest in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) technology to deliver highly efficient electricity.

BlueGen™ utilises the latest Gennex™ fuel cell module that offers the highest levels electrical efficiency in the world – 60% net electrical efficiency. This means BlueGen™ produces more electricity from the same amount of fuel compared to traditional small scale electric generators.

Gennex Fuel Cell

BlueGen™ is fitted with an integrated heat exchanger to recover the heat from the fuel cell module. A separate water tank (not supplied) can be connected to the unit to increase the total system efficiency.

BlueGen™ can be installed as:

  • SSElectric Generator system; no heat recovery = power only
  • SSCo-Generation Ssystem; Swith Sheat Srecovery S= power + heat

Because of the high level of electric efficiency, BlueGen™ produces much less heat than other electric generators. Less heat means the unit can operate for longer, which in turn means, more high-efficiency electricity that helps reduce CO2

Gennex Fuel Cell BlueGen flow Chart


The BlueGen™ unit can operate as a stand-alone generator or be remotely controlled. The output power level can be adjusted to suit a number of different electricity production requirements; from ‘constant base-load power’ generation to pre-set ‘peak shaving’ generation profiles. The BlueGen™ unit has a number of different operating modes:


• Fully automatic using mains power (grid Sindependent Sstart-up Snot Spossible)

Self sustain

• Unit is producing electricity, but with zero power export (e.g. in event of extended grid fault)

Power production

• Unit is exporting electricity; power output can be modulated from 0% to 100%

Cool down

• Using mains power (approx. 36 to 72 hours for safe cool down)

Specifications Spezifikationen
Model Number: BlueGen Modellnummer: BlueGen
Performance Leistung
Electric Output: 0 to 2,000 W

Power output modulation from 0 % to 100 %

Elektrische Leistung: 0 bis 2.000 W

Stromausgangsregulierung von 0 % bis 100 %

Max. Electrical Efficiency: 60 % at 1,500 W output

(Net AC export LHV)

Max. elektr. Wirkungsgrad: 60 % bei 1.500 W Leistung

(Wechselstromexport netto; unterer Heizwert)

Note: Thermal output and water recovery only possible with heat recovery system connected Anmerkung: Thermische Leistung und Wasserrückgewinnung ist nur mit angeschlossenem Wärmerückgewinnungssystem möglich
Thermal Output: Approx. 300 W to 1,000 W

Depending on electric power output and heat recovery water temperature (exhaust gas cooled to 30 °C)

Thermische Leistung: ca. 300 W bis 1.000 W

Abhängig von Stromleistung und Rücklaufttemperatur
(Abgas auf 30° gekühlt)

Total System Efficiency: Up to 85 %

(depending on heat and condensate recovered)

Gesamtsystemwirkungsgrad: Bis zu 85 %

(abhängig von der zurückgewonnenen Wärme und Kondensat)

Inputs Eingaben
Electrical: 230V ±10% 50Hz

Single Phase AC parallel grid connected

Elektrisch: 230V ±10% 50Hz

Einphasenwechselstrom parallel zum Stromnetz geschaltet

Natural Gas: For start-up & operation

Supply pressure 0.9 to 2 kPa

(integrated gas desulphurisation)

Erdgas: Für Inbetriebnahme & Betrieb:

Versorgungsdruck 0.9 bis 2 kPa

(eingebaute Gasentschwefelung)

Water: For internal steam reforming:

Supply pressure min. 100 to 600 kPa
(integrated water treatment system)

Wasser: Für interne Dampfreformierung

Versorgungsdruck min. 100 bis 600 kPa

(eingebaute Wasseraufbereitung)

Consumption (at maximum output) Verbrauch (bei maximaler Leistung)
Natural Gas: 12.6 MJ/hr (12,000 BTU/hr)

Actual gas volume dependant on composition of natural gas

Erdgas: 12.6 MJ/h. (12,000 BTU/h.)

Tatsächliches Gasvolumen abhängig von der Zusammensetzung des Erdgases

Water: 0.0 /hr - 1.67 /hr

Water consumption dependant on:

i) if heat recovery connected

ii) amount of condensate recovered from flue gas

Wasser: 0.0 /h. - 1.67 /h.

Wasserverbrauch abhängig von:

i) angeschlossene Wärmerückgewinnung

ii) Menge des aus dem Abgas zurückgewonnenen Kondensats

Outputs Ausgaben
Net AC export: 0 W – 2,000 W

Single Phase parallel grid connected: 230V ±10% 50Hz

Wechselstromexport netto: 0 W – 2,000 W

Einphase parallel am Stromnetz angeschlossen: 230V ±10% 50Hz

CO2Emissions: 340 g/kWh

Flue gas emissions consist of CO2and water vapour, virtually no NOx or SOx emissions

CO2Emissionen: 340 g/kWh

Abgasemision besteht aus CO2und Wasserdampf, nahezu keine NOx oder SOx Emissionen

Flue Gas Temperature: Max 200 °C

Maximum if heat recovery system not connected

Abgastemperatur: Max 200 °C

Höchstwert, falls Wärmerückgewinnungssystem nicht angeschlossen ist

Useable Water: Max 1.1 L/hr

From water treatment system if heat recovery system not connected

Verwendbares Wasser: Max 1.1 L/h.

Vom Wasseraufbereitungssystem, falls Wärmerückgewinnungssystem nicht angeschlossen ist

Noise level: < 45 dBa Lärmpegel: < 45 dBa
Operating Conditions & Other Betriebsbedingungen & Sonstiges
Ambient Temperature: +1 °C - +45 °C Umgebungstemperatur: +1 °C - +45 °C
Inlet Air Temperature: -20 °C - +45 °C Luftzufuhrtemperatur: -20 °C - +45 °C
Location: Indoors - excluding living zones

Outdoors - protected from the elements and above freezing temperature

Standort: Im Haus – Wohnbereiche ausgenommen

Im Freien – geschützt vor den Elementen und über dem


Start-up Time: 25 Hours Anlaufzeit: 25 Stunden
Minor Maintenance Approx 12 months

Air filters (depending on installed location)

Water filters (depending on input water quality)

Intervall Kleinwartung: ca. 12 Monate

Luftfilter (abhängig vom Installationsstandort)

Wasserfilter (abhängig von der eingebrachten Wasserqualität

Major Maintenance Interval: Greater than 12 months

Desulphuriser (subject to gas composition)

Air filters (depending on installed location)

Water filters (depending on input water quality)

Intervall Hauptwartung: Größer als 12 Monate

Entschwefler (abhängig von der Gaszusammensetzung)

Luftfilter (abhängig vom Standort)

Wasserfilter (abhänig von der einbringenden Wasserqualität)

Approx. Mass: < 200 kg Gewicht ca.: < 200 kg
Connections Verbindungen
Fuel: ½" BSP female Brennstoff: ½" BSP-Innengewinde

Supply: ¼" quick connect ‘John Guest’ fitting

Hot water: 2 x ¾" BSP female

Drain: 2 x ¼" quick connect ‘John Guest’ fittings


Versorgung: ¼"Anschlussverbindung "John Guest"

Heißwasser: 2 x ¾" BSP-Innengewinde

Abfluss: 2 x ¼" Schnellanschlussverbindung "John Guest"

Electricity: Hardwired via junction box on external casing Elektrizität: Festverdrahtet via Anschluss-kasten an externem Gehäuse
Flue: Balanced flue with standard concentric flue

100/60 mm diameter

Rauchabzug: Abgassystem mit konzentrischem Standard-abgassystem

100/60 mm Durchmesser

Communication: Connection via standard Ethernet port Datenübertragung: Verbindung via Standard Ethernetport

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