Fujitsu VRF air conditioning units



Fujitsu VRF air conditioning units 2010










High reliability Compressor rotation control Optimum oil control Emergency operation Web monitoring tool

Improved comfort Room temperature control Inverter control Liquid level balance control Super quiet

Design freedom Connectable large capacity Low outdoor air temperature operation Compact outdoor unit Communication wire method

High efficiency operation High COP High efficiency refrigerant R410A Sine-wave DC inverter DC inverter control compressor Effective use of the heat exchanger of other outdoor units

Service and maintainability Indoor units line up Control system


Air stage V series High reliability multi air conditioning system for buildings which confirms the technological advances of the Fujitsu General range of air conditioners preferred in more than 90 countries around the world.

Features DC Inverter Control Compressor The introduction of high efficiency DC inverter compressors and the latest in control technology provides more precise operation, improving system efficiency, resulting in energy saving and better economy.

 High Efficiency Refrigerant R410A The environmental load has been reduced by using the zero ozone layer depleting potential, high efficiency refrigerant, R410A. This refrigerant provides increased energy efficien-cy, system performance and heat transfer, resulting in a reduction in pipe sizes compared to previous models. This also leads to cost savings during the installation phase of a project.

Large Capacity Multi VRF System

The ability to connect 3 outdoor units together in series up to a total capacity of 42HP (120kW) in each 2HP offers greater design freedom, reducing the number outdoor units and piping installation space compared the conventional models.

Fujitsu VRF air conditioning units



Indoor unit

Continuous operation is possible even if trouble occurs at an indoor unit. Each indoor unit is controlled individually on the system network. This allows all indoor units continue to run unaffected even if trouble should occur at one indoor unit in the system.


Fujitsu VRF air conditioning units

Web monitoring tool


Trouble free operation at all times by web monitoring tool The operational status of the VRF system within the building can be monitored in real time over the Internet. Periodic system checks can be performed regularly with error notification E-mail can be automatically transmitted to remote users.

Fujitsu VRF air conditioning units


Fujitsu VRF air conditioning units

Super Quiet

Quiet operating sound outdoor unit achieved Operating noise has been reduced still fur ther through the application of a new dual casing bell mouth and large fan. The noise level can be reduced by 4-5dB (A) compared to normal operation by selecting silent operation.


Expansion of operating ranges World's top class low outdoor air temperature operating range is achieved. This extends the potential locations for use to the cold regions of the world.


Compact outdoor unit

Installation space can be reduced freeing up valuable building space Outdoor unit installation space can be reduced by up to approximately 33% by installing the V Series compared to a 28HP system with our conventional model. In addition, the number of pipelines from outdoor unit to each floor is also reduced.


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