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Hitachi air source heat-pump boiler



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A complete system suitable for under-floor, radiators, mixed systems and pool heating with capacities up to 16 kW / 52000 Btu. Ideal for energy compliant developments.

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HITACHI air conditioning Aqua-FREE system is a air source Heat pump Heating system for winter, and a partial cooling system for summer. The system consists of an Inverter Heat Pump outdoor unit and a hydraulic module indoor unit. The heat pump absorbs heat from outside and send it to the module or sends heat to the outside, and transfers the cooling to the water circuit by means of the Aqua-FREE module.

The Aqua-FREE air-conditioning system incorporates a set of technical benefits that make it one of the most attractive on the market. Right from the selection of the ideal type of equipment in each case, up to its maintenance, and through installation, start up and operation, Aqua-FREE always provides the best solution for every user, and greatly simplifies and eases the userís selection process.

AquaFREE air source heat-pump systems provide great comfort, high reliability, rigorous design, low electrical consumption, and a small installation space. Types of Applications include: Radiant floor, radiators, hybrid radiators + radiant floor systems, and pool heating applications.

Hitachi AquaFree RWM 3.0FSN1E heat-pump boiler (10 kW / 33000 Btu)

Hitachi AquaFree RWM 3.0FSN1E heat-pump boiler (10 kW / 33000 Btu)

Hitachi AquaFree RWM 3.0FSN1E heat-pump boiler (10 kW / 33000 Btu)


Depending on the needs, the user can choose different system layout:

  • systems for radiant floor

  • systems for radiators

  • mixed systems, radiators + radiant floor

  • systems to heat the water of a pool

  • cooling applications


Product Key Feature's

  • Environment friendly  R410A refrigerant

  • AquaFREE units have minimal dimensions and low noise level

  • Wireless thermostat

  • High efficiency

  • Reduced height slim construction

  • Fault diagnosis

  • Advanced technology control

  • High CoP, up to 4.0

  • Heats and cools

  • Easy installation

  • Cools to 18 degC

How air source heat pumps work

Where it is not possible to drill in a ground probe or install a surface ground loop on the property, an air source heat pump may well be the answer. The only space requirement is an outside wall making them ideal for apartments and homes with limited outside space. With no need for ground works, installation costs are kept to a minimum. Air source heat pumps work by converting the energy of the outside air into heat, creating a comfortable temperature inside the house as well as supplying energy for the hot water system. As with all heat pumps, air source models are most efficient when supplying low temperature systems such as under-floor heating. The efficiency of an air source heat pump is measured in Coefficient of Performance (CoP). A CoP of 4 means that for every kilowatt of electricity put in, you get 4 kilowatts of energy in the form of warm water. The flow temperature of the warm water is typically between 35˚C and 45˚C; much lower than achieved by a domestic boiler. The units are perfectly capable of generating higher temperatures but the CoP suffers meaning the economic and ecological benefits may be affected. Keeping the temperature at the lower end of the scale keeps the system operates at maximum efficiency.

An air source heat pump should cover the heating requirements of a well-insulated property in all but the most extreme conditions. When used in combination with an immersion heater both heating and hot water needs should be met Ė the immersion heater boosting water temperatures when necessary. An outside air source heat pump working efficiently can reduce energy consumption for heating by up to 50% when compared to conventional heating systems.

There is currently a substantial under supply of housing in the UK. In order to meet the demand for new homes, the housing sector is set to increase its build rate by 23% over the next 20 years. This means that by the year 2050, over a third of the UKís housing stock will have been built inside of four decades. The Government is therefore focussed on using this growth as the ideal opportunity to cut energy use and water consumption in homes and is introducing legislation and guidelines in support of this.




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