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The top end kit has been designed with the 'hard to please' customers in mind. Using all the best quality components available we have put together an ideal wind turbine system. This kit has many refinements over other kits that make it that little bit more special!

The wind turbine automatically steers away from potentially damaging gusts of wind, the charge regulator can handle a solar panel (additional to the kit) and can charge two individual battery banks if required. The battery status is displayed on an LCD screen to eliminate the guess worked involved in charge status.

The AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery does not give off potentially dangerous gasses when being charged as it's completely sealed. Gel batteries are designed for professional or system critical installations. Higher number of deep cycles are possible and a > 5 year expected life.

The inverter is a pure sinewave type giving clean power to the user, unlike the modified sinewave inverters this inverter gives out 'true sinewave' meaning it can power anything providing the power limits are not exceeded.

Ideal for a log cabin country retreat where electricity is required to power home creature comforts!

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Top End Land Based Turbine System

The Top End Range wind turbine kit contains everything you require in order to start generating your own electricity from the wind. It is very important to gain a full understanding of the order in which all devices are connected together as each play a specific role within the system.
  • 1. The Rutland FM910-3 wind turbine is securely mounted into place on top of the Tower Kit.
  • 2. The Tower Kit is then secured into place using the Tower Rigging Kit.
  • 3. 16m of 2 Core Cable is used to connect the turbine to the regulator/battery/inverter.
  • 4. The cable is then fed out through the bottom of the Tower Kit and connected to the HRDi regulator which controls the speed at which the battery is charged.
  • 5. The regulator is then connected to the 135Ah AGM battery where the renewable energy is stored.
  • 6. Finally, the battery is connected to the 1500W Cotek inverter which will convert the stored DC power over to usable 230V AC, 50Hz (mains) power.

The inverter can then be linked up to a mains lighting ring (please gain advice from a qualified electrician) or simply plug your electrical appliances directly into the sockets on the inverter.


For further information on wind turbine installation please see our planning permission section.


Products included in this kit are as follows:


Rutland FM910 3 Wind Turbine

The Rutland FM910-3 wind turbine can produce up to 250 Watts and has a diameter of 910mm with 6 blades and a 'tail' specifically designed for land-based systems.

In exceptionally high wind conditions, when the turbine is producing full power and is being stressed unnecessarily, the hinged tail causes the turbine to yaw slightly out of the direct wind. This slows the turbine, limiting stress, ensuring a longer life span and safe operation.

The Rutland FM910-3 wind turbine is an ideal candidate for use on land to provide enough energy to power a selection of home electrical appliances and/or a lighting ring.



913 Tower Kit

The Tower Kit has been specifically designed to support the Rutland 913/FM910-3 turbines and will stand up to harsh weather as it's made up of stainless steel that will not rust. It is important to note that if erected incorrectly it could become unstable and cause damage.

The tower is made up of three 2.13m poles that stack together with joining pillars and make up an overall height of 6.4m. The 48mm diameter steel tube comes ready drilled for assembly.

The base of the tower can either be spiked into the ground or for a more permanent solution, can be mounted in a small amount of concrete as a solid support/foundations.



913 Wind Turbine Rigging Kit

The Tower Kit must be supported in an upright position using the Tower Rigging Kit.

The rigging kit comes complete with 8 steel guy wires (4 long and 4 short), shackles, turnbuckles, pole attachments, ground fixings for the tower poles and guys.

Again, the ground fixings can be mounted in a concrete block for a more permanent structure. Please note that it is important to have two to three people helping as this can be rather challenging for one person!



2 Core Cable 16M

16m of 2 core cable 2.5mm is provided to connect the turbine, regulator, battery and inverter together.

Please note that a distance of no more than 10m is recommended from the base of the turbine to the regulator/battery/inverter set up. This is to ensure the system works as efficiently as possible.



HRDi Regulator

The new HRDi regulator is the latest hybrid wind and solar charge regulator featuring a new digital display and 160W solar panel input.

The HRDi regulator is designed to work alongside the Rutland FM910-3 wind turbine and will protect your battery from overcharge.



135 Ah AGM Battery

Power generated from the Rutland FM910-3 wind turbine is stored in the AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery in the form of DC power.

The 135 Ah AGM battery has been recommended as the ideal storage capacity for the mid range kit.

The speed at which the battery is charged is purely dependent on wind speed. Working at maximum output, full battery charge should take a minimum of 5 1/4 hours.



1500W Cotek Inverter

The role of the inverter is to convert stored DC battery power over into usable 230V AC, 50Hz (mains) power.

The Cotek inverter allows you to consume up to 1500 watts from the 135 Ah AGM battery to power electrical equipment or a lighting ring.

The Cotek inverter is also known as a pure sinewave inverter. A good quality power source which will run fluorescent lighting and small TVs.


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