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Modular Music Studio Kits



A complete self build modular music studio quiet room kit designed to be installed in a short time.

Easy to install and remove for mobile and short term installations

The modular music studio pod is a great way of having a professional music studio in a house, garage, shed or small open space for a complete isolation of sound. The system is easy to assemble and can be moved at a later date making it ideal for mobile operations. The equipment is completely modular and can be assembled by two people within a day with our easy fix system and lightweight materials. The materials used offer the benefits of a 45Db reduction in sound levels from within the studio making it a perfect getaway for your music production needs. The modular music production studio pod can be added to and extended with ease for future expansion i.e if you wanted to add a booth or machine area. Air conditioning can be added to keep the music studio pod cool and electrical cables and wires can be easily tucked away in trunking externally or internally. The floor is a floating rubber composite floor which can be cleaned, installed and removed easily. These units are also very useful for isolation booths for experimental purposes.

Room Sizes

We offer various size rooms which can be custom made to suit your area. i.e you have space in your garden for a shed 4x4 meters. Most are designed to fit in standard garden sheds,, garages and inside buildings. The height can be tailored to suit but generally our units are designed to fit within a 2.4m standard room size.

Standard room sizes:

1770mm x 1770mm

2170mm x 2170mm

2570mm x 2570mm

2970mm x 2970mm

Quality Hard Wearing Material

The material used for construction is a low-profile tough Formica which is hard wearing and sound proof with a rated 45Db reductions.

More convenient

To facilitate the future installation and expansion the modular music studio can be easily expanded with extra areas. If you need to add a sound booth this can be added to your existing modular music studio by simply attaching either side of your existing equipment. Sound booths are the ultimate tool to advance your music productions and with our
modular music studio these can be added easily.

Product Key Feature's

  • Easily assembled and taken down
  • Ultra quiet 45Db noise reduction
  • Easily expanded at a later date
  • Ideal for temporary productions
  • Lightweight construction
  • Designed for sheds, garages and home


In the music studio



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