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Wilo Wet Well Pumping Stations


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Wet Well Pumping Stations

Wilo Pumping Station for wells

Wilo Drain lift WS900 – 1100 Sewage Pumping Station

Fully self-contained wet well sump pump station with internal pipe work, valves and fittings. WS900 for single pump applications and WS1100 for either single or twin pump applications. Two sizes of chamber for five different pump options.


• Heavy duty construction of recycled PE material
• 2/4 anti-bouyancy fins as standard (no concrete ballast rings required)
• 2 or 4 inlets – On site determinable
• Spherical sump bottom to prevent solid build up
• Wilo ‘above the water’ auto coupling arrangement
• 2 no. DN100 socket spigots for foul water connection
• Easy to remove vertical float bracket without disturbing float settings
• 2-pedestrian rated access covers available (standard lockable and flood proof
• Economy version available (integral float control on pumps – no control panel)

Storm water Attenuation and Rain Harvesting Systems

A range of horizontal storage tanks manufactured from heavy grade GRP material with internal pump(s) and pipe work for water transfer and pressure boosting. Standard underground Rain harvesting system from 1200 to 12000 litres. Attenuation tanks – standard range up to 100,000 litres (other sizes available).

Various pumps options available:

• Wilo STS, TPs, range + EMU FA range (water transfer) installed with guide rail type system for easy removal of pump sets
• Wilo TWi stainless steel multistage submersibles for pressure boosting
• Single and twin pump arrangements
• Access openings sized to suit pump sets
• Pedestrian rated cover included as standard, other cover ratings available on request

Wilo Drain lift WS40, WS50, WS65 Waste Station

As with the WS900 and WS1100 single and twin pump options available for dewatering and sewage removal applications.


• Can be installed to internal and external of buildings
• Single pump chamber 200-litres storage
• Twin pump chamber 400-litres storage
• Package is complete with DN100 hole cutting kit and inlet seal for easy installation by site engineers
• Wilo ‘above the water’ auto coupling arrangement
• Synthetic chamber material manufactured from recycled PE Wilo Pump options – Wilo STS models, TP units and EMU FA 50mm units.

Wilo Drainlift WS GRP Pumping Stations

Vertical self-contained wet well sump pump station with internal pipework, valves and fittings. Manufactured to order to suit sewage, foul water and stormwater applications. Tank diameters can vary between 1250, 1500, 1800, 2500 and 2900mm. Depths of tank can vary from 1000mm to 6000mm. Single and twin pump options (3-pump stations available upon request).
• Heavy duty construction of pre-formed GRP material
• Benched sides to prevent solid build up
• Wilo guide rail type arrangement for easy servicing of pumps
• 2 no. DN100 socket spigots for vent and cable duct connections
• Various size and number of inlet spigot connections available
• Pump options – Wilo STS, TP units + EMU FA units – All sizes
• Various access covers and ratings available
• Short manufacturing lead times (typically 2-4 weeks)
• Choice of internal pipework material–UPVc, galvanised or ductile iron

Submersible Pumps

Wilo TP50 – TP65

50mm – 65mm pumps, Vortex & channel impellers, pump manufactured from composite material, INOX motor.



50mm - 600mm pumps Vortex & channel impellers, cast iron construction, special seals and coatings available. ATEX rating pumps available on request.


Wilo MTS40 + MTC32-40

Macerator pumps 32 & 40mm, cast iron & INOX heavy duty construction.


Wilo STS40 - 65

40mm and 65mm pumps, Vortex & channel impellers, pump manufactured from cast iron, INOX motor.



Wilo Pump Station Questionnaire



Type of Liquid


Surface Water / Foul

/ Sewage

Application and Daily Flow


L/S, GPM. M3h

Pump Arrangement


Single / Twin

Electricity Supply


240v, 415v

Distance from Sump Base to Panel




Type of Manhole Cover


Pedestrian, Heavy Duty

Number of bends in Rising Main

Material and size of Rising Main

Pump Station Storage below Incoming Sewer See building regulations section H1 to conform

Vertical Distance from Ground cover to Incoming Sewer (See A)

Vertical Distance from Pump Sump to Discharge Invert (See B)

Vertical Distance from Pump Sump to Discharge Point (See C)

Other information






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