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Air Conditioning Inverter Compressor Tester Checker


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It is best to test inverters with no compressors connected especially if you expect the compressor is at fault. But if you remove the wires from the compressor and try to run the systems a fault will be displayed the fault is caused by the inverter PCB being able to detect whether a compressor is connected or not. Most modern inverters are able to detect whether the compressor has been disconnected in only a few seconds making testing very difficult.

Testing can be done in two ways:

Firstly, the hard way……

You will need a digital multi meter with a min max function,

Turn off the power

Disconnect the compressor either from the PCB or at the compressor terminals. Connect your meter to two of the phases (Red to blue) set your meter to record max and min voltage

Power up and Start the unit Let the inverter start and watch the Voltage rise. Record the maximum Voltage. The inverter will stop after a few seconds and the voltage will fall to 0. Swap the leads to measure the next two phases (Red to Yellow). Measure as before Repeat for the last two phases Blue to Yellow. The readings of maximum voltage should be the same for all 3 measurements if not the inverter is faulty, the PCB will need replacing.

If the readings are equal the Inverter is healthy and the compressor will need replacing.

And the easy way......

You will need an Inverter tester, Turn off the power. Disconnect the compressor lead from the compressor terminals. Connect your inverter tester to all 3 leads (polarity is not important) Power up and Start the unit. Let the inverter start and watch the LED's.

All 6 must light up and should be of equal brightness

The inverter will stop after a few seconds and the LED's will go out

If you miss the LED's (they will only light for a couple of seconds) the unit will try to start again 3 times with a 3 minute delay between each test

If all 6 LED's DON’T light up the inverter is faulty, the PCB will need replacing.

If the LED's all light up the Inverter is healthy and the compressor will need replacing.


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We supply genuine refrigeration compressors and air conditioning compressors world-wide including Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Australia, Asia, Central and South America and Africa. World and European brands of compressors 240V / 50Hz including, Danfoss, Copeland, Aspera, Dorin, Bitzer, Tecumseh, Maneurop, L'unite Hermetique and many more. Many units on popular gases such as R404, R134a, R22, R407c and R410a.



Aspera Compressor

Aspera Compressor


Copeland Compressor

Copeland Compressor


Cubigel Compressor

Cubigel Compressor


Danfoss Compressor

Danfoss Compressor


L'Unite Hermetique Compressor

L'Unite Hermetique Compressor




We also distribute the following range of refrigerant compressors gases:


R404, R134a, R22, R32, R407c, R407A, R410a and many more

Refrigeration Compressor world-wide / European Brands:

L'unite Hermetique refrigeration compressor (Full Range Here)

Tecumseh refrigeration compressor (Full Range Here)

Aspera refrigeration compressor (Full Range Here)

Copeland refrigeration compressor (Full Range Here)

Danfoss refrigeration compressors (Full Range Here)



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