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The importance of selecting air conditioning by continental regional (17/08/12)


When you consider air conditioning to be a generic piece of equipment that will work on any continent, a plug in and use device in many cases. The truth is that many air conditioning manufactures have a continental classification for their systems. Where some air conditioning manufacturers deal with sales on a global level it is essential that air conditioning comes equipped with the relevant devices to match the continent it serves I.e: If a air conditioning system is used in Northern Europe it will have to be equipped with to cope with the harsh winters.

Northern Hemisphere Air Conditioning Models

Generally air conditioning for Western Europe, North Europe, North America are equipped with a protective and aquatic jacket around the compressor or a crank case heater. This is to protect the compressor from harsh frosts of winter when the unit may not be on for many months. If used for heat pump purposes then it must be able to produce heat in sub-zero temperatures. Most manufactures rate their equipment down to -15DegC for winter heat production. Sanyo did produce a CO2 system that was rated to work at -25DegC but it was to expensive to be popular. For the above continental regions most air conditioning heat pumps are rated at ambient temperature of 38DegC cooling and -15DegC heat pump function.

Africa and Southern Hemisphere Air Conditioning Models

In Africa and the Middle east where temperatures can sour above 40 DegC the main players on the global air conditioning market (Daikin air conditioning and Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning) have rated their equipment to 45 DegC to cope with the heat. For this region the average  year round temperature is around 17 DegC with obvious highs and lows. The Air conditioning system has the extremes of weather to cope with.


Popular European Branded Air Conditioning Models

Popular air conditioning brands in Europe are Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Daikin and LG with little impact from the US brands except for commercial equipment such as roof top chillers (Trane and Carrier) as the most popular air conditioning units are dominated by the Japanese manufactures. There are the cheaper split type systems which are Chinese manufactured and come with no protection for winter or high temperature environments. These systems are generally low quality and past experience shows they have a life span of around 7 years.



Buy air conditioning systems that match your climate and continental requirements. If you are using air conditioning in extremes of weather only use a quality manufacturer. The budget systems have no protection so are only good for occasional use.


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