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Forget the water shortage with a wind solar pump


Forget the water shortage with our solar and wind powered water pump ideal for water butts and other supplies of water

Designed to mount a solar pv panel and wind turbine a single pole for powering a water pump. This is a quality complete water pump installation kit powered by 1 x BP340J 40watt solar PV panel and 1 x Rutland FM504-efurl land based wind turbine coupled 
together produce 90 watts of power at 12 volts. The Rutalnd FM504-efurl is manufactured in the UK and tested for extreme land conditions. The Rutland wind turbines can be seen all over the UK on the roadside (signage illumination) and many marinas. The pump is the Rule-iL200 which is a high quality pump with a head of 9.6 meters and a 200g/h capacity. This gives you the capability of pumping water from a water butt for watering the garden or general garden hose pipe duties. 


Whats included:

1 x BP340J 40 watt
1 x Rutland FM504 e-furl wind turbine 50 watt
1 x 80Ah Batteries Gel Type
1 x HRSi charge regulator
1 x Rule 200G/h  9.7 meters head

2 x wall brackets 

10 x meters cable

1 x 1000m pole mounting

1 x Solsum Low voltage cut-off 

1 x Set of battery terminal clips

1 x Single solar panel mount


We now have a huge range of wind turbines and solar equipment for sale on-line. Please see links below.




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