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Daikin Ururu Sarara Humidification FTR28E Heat-pump inverter (2.8 kW / 9000 Btu) wall mounted split air conditioning unit.

Ururu Sarara Packshot indoor humidification Daikin air conditioningDaikin Air Conditioning System Ururu-Sarara

Product Specification

  • URURU humidification: maintains a comfortable humidity level without any separate water supply
  • SARARA dehumidification: maintains a comfortable and fresh indoor environment by removing moisture from the air without lowering the temperature
  • Energy efficient: full range A class labels (EER = 5.00/COP = 5.14)
  • Powerful ventilation: refreshes the room within 2 hours
  • Powerful air purification: increases indoor air quality with Daikin Flash Streamer technology
  • Comfortable air flow
  • Stylish design
  • Other features: moisturizing operation mode, breeze cooling air flow, comfort sleep operation, mould shock operation


Ururu humidification evenly heats the entire room.
The unit incorporates both an air conditioner and a humidifier, making ideal heating possible. The URURU humidification subsystem effectively supplies the 450ml/h of water required to fully humidify an entire large living room. Unlike a standard humidifier, this indoor unit has no water tank. Thus no need for a water supply and no time-consuming cleaning.  This feature also eliminates the worrisome growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms.

All the moisture in the outdoor air available inside
The Ururu humidification subsystem uses a special built-in humidification element in the outdoor unit to absorb the moisture present in the outdoor air and send it to the indoor unit. Since moisture is not absorbed from the rooms air, quick and effective humidification is possible even with the drier air of winter.

Humidified air feels warmer
Dry air actually makes your body feel cooler. Ururu humidification at moderate levels and a relatively low temperature will probably leave you feeling warmer.

Prevents: Maintains:
Dry skin
Sore throats
Humidity level in which
viruses cannot survive
Room temperature 28
Humidity 20%
  Room temperature 22
Humidity 50%
Humidification Cold, Daikin Air Conditioning System Ururu-Sarara humidification Humidification Warm, Daikin Air Conditioning System Ururu-Sarara
Ururu Humidifying
You feel cold in dry air even at high temperature.
You feel comfortable warmer in humidified air. 
Humidification Heat Bar




  Powerful Domestic Ventilation 

With a powerful domestic ventilation capacity of 32 m/h, the Ururu Sarara is the first residential unit which can fill an average sized room (26 m) with fresh air within 2 hours.

New: Supply ventilation

Conventional: Ventilation with ventilator or by opening window

Powerful domestic ventilation, Daikin Air Conditioning System Ururu-Sarara Powerful domestic ventilation, Daikin Air Conditioning System Ururu-Sarara The supply ventilation function can refresh the air in a room with the window closed.
The cold outdoor air is heated before being taken in while operating in air-conditioning heating mode. The temperature in the room drops as cold outdoor air enters.

Powerful Air Purification Increase indoor air quality with Daikin Flash Streamer technology Domestic ventilation installation picture, Daikin Air Conditioning System Ururu-SararaIncoming outdoor air is purified in two stages:

  • In the first stage the outdoor unit breaks down exhaust gases and unpleasant odours.
  • In the second stage the indoor unit, filters out the dust and pollen and the photocatalytic air purifying filter will break down other odours. 
  • After those stages the Flash Streamer technology, which is already implemented in last generation Daikin air purifiers, breaks down formaldehyde, viruses, moulds, etc.
  • Comfort air conditioning, Daikin Air Conditioning System Ururu-SararaMoisturizing operation mode
    A particularly skin-friendly environment is created. A high relative humidity level, combined with a comfortable airflow and the emission of vitamins and hyaluronic acid make this possible.
  • Breeze cooling airflow
    It is possible to feel cool even with rather high temperature setting. By making airflow direction fluctuate, a pleasant cool breeze, as that in nature, is emulated.
  • Comfort sleep operation
    Following the natural pattern of human body during the sleeping cycle, the unit will adapt room temperature to body temperature in the night. This means that temperature will gradually be decreased by 2C for 3 hours after the beginning of the cycle, and gradually increased again to original setting 1 hour before waking up. Sleeping comfort increased!
  • Mould shock operation
    The growth of undesired moulds is prevented with a sudden fall of room humidity that is sustained for 3 hours. Mould shock operation is first in the industry!

Capacity and power input 

HEAT PUMP - Inverter controlled
(air cooled)


Cooling capacity min~nom~max kW 1.55~2.80~3.60
Heating capacity min~nom~max kW 1.30~3.60~5.00
Nominal input cooling min~nom~max kW 0.25~0.56~0.80
heating min~nom~max kW 0.22~0.70~1.41
EER cooling 5.00
COP heating 5.14
Energy Label cooling A
heating A
Annual energy consumption kWh 280

1) Energy label: scale from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient).
2) Annual energy consumption: based on average use at 500 running hours per year full load (=nominal capacity). 

Specifications indoor units 

Ururu Sarara Packshot indoor, Daikin Air Conditioning System Ururu-Sarara 



Dimensions HxWxD mm 305x890x209
Weight kg 14
Front panel color White
Air flow rate cooling H/L/SL m/min   12.4/6.8/6.0
heating H/L/SL m/min   12.9/7.7/6.8
Sound pressure level cooling H/L/SL dB(A)   42/27/24
heating H/L/SL dB(A)   42/29/26
Sound power level cooling H dB(A)   58
Piping connections Liquid mm 6.4
Gas mm 9.5
Drain mm 18.0
Refrigerant type R-410A
Power supply V1 1~, 220~240V, 50Hz
Infrared remote control  

Specifications outdoor units 

Ururu Sarara Packshot outdoor, Daikin Air Conditioning System Ururu-Sarara

Inverter Controlled




Dimensions HxWxD mm 693x795x285
Weight kg 48
Casing colour Ivory white
Sound pressure level cooling H dB(A)   46  
heating H dB(A)   46  
Sound power level cooling H dB(A)   60  
Compressor Hermetically sealed swing type
Refrigerant type R-410A
Refrigerant charge kg/m 1.4
Max. piping length m 10
Max. level difference m 8
Operation range cooling H CDB +21~43 
heating H CWB -20~24
Refrigerant type R-410A
Power supply V1 1~, 220~240V, 50Hz

24 hour timer
Timer can be set to start cooling/heating anytime during a 24-hours period.
This function combines vertical and horizontal auto-swing to circulate a stream of cool/worm air right to the corners of even large spaces.
Auto cooling-heating changeover
Automatically selects cooling or heating mode to achieve the set temperature (heat pump types only).
Auto fan speed
Automatically selects the necessary fan speed to reach or maintain the set temperature.
The unit restarts automatically at the original settings after power failure.
Centralised control
Centralised control to start, stop and regulate several air conditioners from one central point.
Comfort mode
The flap changes the discharge angle horizontally for cooling operation and downward vertically for heating operation. This in order to prevent cold or warm air from blowing directly on the body.
Comfortable sleeping mode
Increased comfort function that follows a specific temperature fluctuation rhythm.
Dry programme
Allows humidity levels to be reduced without variations in room temperature.
ECONO mode
This function decreases the power consumption si that other appliances that need large power consumption can be used. This function is also energy saving.
Energy efficiency
Daikin air conditioners are energy efficient and economical.
Fan only
The air conditioner can be used as fan, blowing air without cooling or heating.
Fan speed steps
Allows to select up to the given number of fan speed. (5 steps)
Horizontal auto swing
Possibility to select automatic horizontal moving of the air discharge louvre, for uniform air flow and temperature distribution.
Indoor unit silent operation
Lowers the operation sound of the indoor unit by 3dB(A). This function is useful when studying or sleeping.
Infrared remote control
Infrared remote control with LCD to start, stop and regulate the air conditioner from a distance.
Powerful mode
If the room temperature is too high/low, it can be cooled down/heated quickly by selecting the 'powerful mode'. After the powerful mode is turned off, the unit returns to the preset mode.
Simplifies maintenance by indicating system faults or operating anomalies.
Titanium apatite photocatalytic air purification filter
Removes airborne dust particles, decomposes odours and restrains the reproduction of bacteria, viruses, microbes, this to ensure a steady supply of clean air. (Titanium apatite photocatalytic air purification filter)
Vertical auto swing
Possibility to select automatic vertical moving of the air discharge louvre, for uniform air flow and temperature distribution.
Whisper quiet
Daikin indoor units are whisper quiet. Also the outdoor units are guaranteed not to disturb the quiet of the neighbourhood.