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Air conditioning and heating for offices


When installing air conditioning in a office it is worth buying a quality unit. Cheaper units lack control features that commercial air conditioning systems have as standard. For example a 24Hr/7day timer so when your office is not Air conditioning your office with quality air conditioning.occupied, the air conditioning is not running costing you money. Quality systems have superior mode settings for heat / cool / fan / dehumidify / auto. Cheap systems lack automatic feature which lets you set the temperature and the unit will change between heat and cool automatically which is important in office air conditioning systems. Most commercial office air conditioning systems have 3 years warranty and because they have a higher coefficient they usually have a ECA listing (air conditioning heat pumps only). Inverter units are recommended for daily usage.

Fixed speed or Inverter office air conditioning?

Inverter air conditioners are not new to the air conditioning industry having been around for +10 years now. The technology has now been miniaturised and manufacturing costs have fallen to make the technology more affordable for the air conditioning industry. An inverter air conditioning system controls the compressor electronically by altering the hertz (frequency).  i.e - if the area to be air conditioned requires 50% power of the air conditioners compressor as it is close to reaching desired temperature, the invert will reduce the frequency to 25Hz (UK  50hertz ) thus running the air conditioner compressor at 50% without a need to shut the air conditioner compressor off. It makes for a air conditioner with close control on temperature and reduces electrical requirements by in some cases 60% as there is no inductive load. For server room air conditioning it is advised to use inverter air conditioning. The simple fact is that you will save within the first year of use the money you spent initially on the equipment. Hyper-inverter and power inverter air conditioning have cop's close to 5 time input power so they where possible should be used to reduce your electricity bill as well as CO2 usage.

Using Energy efficient inverter air conditioning.

The latest air conditioning system's are some of the most efficient ways to heat or cool an area. It is worth taking into account the C.O.P of a unit. The higher it is the more efficient it is. If a unit has a C.O.P of 3.8, then this mean that it will achieve 3.8kW output from a input of only 1kW. This reduces electricity usage

ECA Tax allowance for commercial installations.

If you are a commercial user you will get 100% tax allowance via ECA program. This is limited to professional commercial systems and is well worth taking up as you will be able to write off the equipment & installation cost against tax owed. Take a look at the ECA web site for more information on the air conditioning ECA program.

Lossnay Fresh air system for office air conditioning.

The commercially orientated Lossnay fresh air system can be utilised virtually anywhere to extract stale air and then recover the heating or cooling energy to either warm or cool incoming fresh air. New "Hyper Lossnay Core". At only 25um (approx 1/5 the thickness of LGH-RX3) the Lossnay core uses the thinnest paper in the world to achieve high enthalpy exchange efficiency.

How it works-
New "Hyper Lossnay Core". At only 25um (approx 1/5 the thickness of LGH-RX3) the Lossnay core uses the thinnest paper in the world to achieve high enthalpy exchange efficiency.



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