Sanyo SAP Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Range
Sanyo Wall Mounted range Fixed Speed Rotary Compressor Heatpump Air Conditioning unit.

Makes a great unit for bedroom or other quiet areas.

Whisper quiet unit with Quiet mode 25dB.
Specifically designed for small to medium sized areas the SANYO
SAP range is the ideal solution when you need quiet, efficient
room air conditioning to create a comfortable environment
within a realistic budget. The latest generation of SAP models
contained in this listing are among the most technically
advanced and energy efficient systems available today and are
backed SANYO's reliability. The controller allows the user to set
the desired temperature from any position in the room thanks
to Sanyo's unique controller.

Advanced controller with temperature sensor on controller
for local set point control.



Product Key Feature's

Quiet mode
Slimline construction with tapered edge indoor unit
Slim outdoor unit design
Auto temperature changeover
Simple, one touch control
Full function remote controller
Built-in temperature sensor
Operational mode selection
24 hour on/off timer
I hour timer
Quiet mode from 25dB(A)
High power mode for rapid cooling or heating
Auto restart after power failure
Built-in negative ion generator
15 Meter piperun /  enough R410a for 7.5 Meter
High C.O.P - 3.65


Sanyo SAP Range

Type - Fixed Speed
Voltage : 240V Made for UK use.

ECA -Yes


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