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Leading Edge LE-450 Wind Turbine 450W 12v / 24v / 48v



The Leading Edge Wind Turbine LE-450 450W 12v / 24v

The Leading Edge Wind Turbine LE-450 is the most powerful compact wind turbine with a 1m rotor diameter and designed to provide meaningful power levels at everyday wind speeds of 5-8m/s (11-18mph) while tough and robust enough to withstand storm force winds. The Leading Edge LE-450 wind turbine is a quiet, powerful and lightweight 450W wind turbine for battery charging and grid connected applications. Fully optimised for marine conditions, the LE-450 is ideal for supplementing the power supply on-board a sailboat or yacht and provide energy when solar PV panels are unable to operate effectively such as during winter or overnight.

Manufactured in the Britain to a high standard, the LE-450 wind turbine is extremely easy to integrate with solar panels to create small scale off-grid renewable energy systems for powering security, telecommunications, lighting, signage, telemetry and off-shore applications. Available in 12V, 24V and 48V for battery charging applications the LE-450 wind turbine can also be grid connected.


Key Product Features:

Excellent value wind charger  – Delivers the highest output for the lowest cost
Powerful – The LE-450 wind turbine can deliver outputs  of 450W
Lightweight turbine head – Reducing the loading on the support structure and making it easier to install on high masts in difficult locations
WhispowerTM blades – Low acoustic emissions from the advanced aerofoil blade design
Fully marinised – Aluminium alloy and stainless steel components are protected from the elements with aerospace grade coatings and anodising
Easy installation –  All is explained in the excellent user manual with detailed written explanations and diagrams
Durable and reliable – The LE-450 builds on the company’s heritage of designing robust and reliable wind turbines
2 Year warranty – Backed up with excellent customer service from Leading Edge Turbines in the UK or a local dealer

Powerful in every day winds

The LE-450 generates the same power output as other small wind turbines with blades up to 1.2m long, making it the most powerful wind turbine for its size.   The turbine is designed around a unique low inertia axial flux generator which uses Neodymium rare earth magnetic materials. This alternator has zero ‘cogging’ allowing the turbine to spin in the lightest of breezes and to react quickly to gusts.

Its excellent power production stems from an exceptionally low start-up wind speed and superior transfer of power from the wind in every day winds of 5-8m/s (11-18mph).  This is achieved using 5 blades and by fine tuning the alternator to extract the right amount of torque, at the right RPM.

Small & lightweight

The LE-450 wind turbine has a uniquely designed aluminium alloy chassis that not only gives an overall turbine weight of just 8kg, but ensures responsive reaction to gusty winds.  The turbine’s small operating envelope at just 1043mm enables the turbine to be installed in locations where space is at a premium – on yachts, telecoms towers and CCTV stations.  The wind generator is fitted with integrated yaw slip-rings that allow it to swivel 360 degrees in order to follow the changing direction of the wind.

Rugged & reliable

The LE-450 wind turbine is designed and manufactured to be as rugged as possible giving a predicted design life of 20 years – with little maintenance required during that period! The LE-450 survives destructive high winds by means of a simple passive aerodynamic design that limits turbine RPM and power output at wind speeds of 20m/s (45mph).

The LE-450 wind turbine is manufactured from high quality aluminium alloys and stainless steel which has been laser processed, CNC machined, hard anodized and powder coated to ensure that the turbine withstands the harsh effects of the marine environments. The fixings are manufactured from A4 stainless steel that can survive the harshest of environments. The Timkin bearings are contain low temperature grease for optimum performance down to -40degC.

LE-450 Technical Specification

Rotor Diameter:    1 metre
Rotor Type:    5-Blade upwind
Blade Material:    Glass Reinforced, UV resistant Nylon
Rated Output:    105 watts @ 8m/s (17.8mph / 15.5 knots)
Peak Output:    450 watts
Cut-in speed:    3m/s (6.7mph / 6 knots)
Cut out speed:   None
Weight:    8Kg
Generator Type:    Direct drive, axial flux, 8 pole permanent magnet generator
Design:   3-phase AC with rectification
Output voltage:    12V, 24V, 48V, Grid-tie
Rotational speed:   0-2000 RPM
Swept area:   0.785m˛
Typical noise level:   6dB(A) above background
Mounting:   48.3mm or 50mm outer diameter pole
Materials:   Aluminium alloy chassis, aerospace grade surface finish, epoxy coated stator coils, sealed for life bearings
Control system:   Stall regulation
Brake system:   Electromagnetic braking switch
Yaw system:   Heavy duty slip ring assembly, 1043mm turning circle
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