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LG air conditioning aims to maintain top market share in MEA, targeting 15,000 unit sales


According to GFK, a global market research group, LG currently holds the lead position in major countries across the MEA with a market share of approximately 30%, giving it the largest monthly market share in MEA. The company is looking to further consolidate its position by securing a larger chunk of mid- to high-income consumers, who typically place a premium on technology.

With the very latest air conditioning technology offering even and powerful cooling, LG is targeting the GCC markets with the aim of securing the sale of 15,000 units with a product that is dynamic, powerful and efficient.

The Titan can blast out cool air over a distance of up to 10 meters, the longest range of any air conditioner on the market today. The Jet Cool function and the 4-way Swing system enable the unit to blow cool air in practically any direction at maximum speed, making rooms cooler in the shortest possible time. Additionally, a special Multi-stage Tropical Compressor combines a highly efficient motor, minimized oil circulation and a specially designed resonator and cylinders to ensure powerful cooling even in extreme weather conditions.

To ensure the Titan provides customers with the most comfortable and refreshing environment, LG has added unique health features. LG's Air Purifying system is equipped with special filters that eliminate germs, capture harmful airborne viruses, and remove unpleasant odors. In particular, the plasma filter, which eliminates germs by burning microscopic dust particles through its patented electric field, represents the latest in LG's innovation.

LG Electronics (LG) is set to release the Titan, a premium residential air conditioning model, in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). This updated version of an already successful, high-tech LG air conditioner will deliver powerful cooling made to withstand the region's often punishing weather conditions.

The Titan is also built to last, an essential requirement in what can be an extremely hot region. The Multi-stage Tropical Compressor is designed to function, unhindered, for 24 hours a day, despite possible sandstorms and temperatures as high as 60C. The Inbuilt Automatic Voltage Switcher helps the unit respond to unstable power supplies, while the Anti Corrosion Gold Fin coating makes the unit's heat exchanger more resistant to corrosion.

"The Middle East and Africa market is expected to be a huge market for the air conditioning industry, with demand for high-end models quickly rising," said Mr. H. S. Paik, President of LG Electronics Gulf FZE. "To make sure we stay the unquestioned leader of the AC market in this region, we're going to keep raising the bar for air conditioners that keep customers perfectly comfortable and cool, whatever the temperature outside."


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