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   LG air conditioning OLD R22 Range and Features


This is a list of Lg air conditioning range of R22 systems. R22 is now banned for use in many countries.

 2007 models

Range and Brief Gas Model Number Features
Type Plasma Filter Gold Fin Low Ambient Auto Changeover Weekly Timer
5 ton R22 LK-0580HC         Yes
8 ton R22 LK-0880HH         Yes
10 ton R22 LK-1080HH         Yes
15 ton R22 LK-1580HH         Yes
FLOOR Standing              
3 horse power H/P (Plasma) R22 LP-K3063ZA Yes        
5 horse power H/P (Plasma) R22 LP-E5082ZA Yes        
8 horse power H/P R22 LP-F8081ZL          
24K BTU H/P R407c LB-H2460RH Option   Yes Yes Yes
36K BTU H/P R407c LB-G3660RH Option   Yes Yes Yes
36K BTU H/P R407c LB-G3680RH Option   Yes Yes Yes
48K BTU H/P 3 phases R407c LB-E4880RH Option   Yes Yes Yes
60K BTU H/P 3 phases R407c LB-E6080RH Option   Yes Yes Yes
DUCT Plenum's              
H Chassis (Discharge)   LG-0001-4          
G Chassis (Discharge)   LG-0002-4          
E Chassis (Discharge)   LG-0003-4          
H Chassis (Inlet)   LG-0010-3          
G Chassis (Inlet)   LG-0011-3          
E Chassis (Inlet)   LG-0012-3          
18K BTU H/P R407c CV-H186BLB0     Yes    
24K BTU H/P R407c CV-H246BLB0     Yes    
36K BTU H/P R407c CV-H368CLB0     Yes    
48K BTU H/P R407c CV-H488DLB0     Yes    
CASSETTE Cooling only              
18K BTU C/O (Plasma) R407c LT-E1860FJ Yes   Yes   Yes
24K BTU C/O (Plasma) R407c LT-E2460FJ Yes   Yes   Yes
28K BTU C/O (Plasma) R407c LT-D2860FJ Yes   Yes   Yes
36K BTU C/O (Plasma) R407c LT-D3681FJ Yes   Yes   Yes
48K BTU C/O(Plasma) R407c LT-D4881FJ Yes   Yes   Yes
CASSETTE Heat pump              
18K BTU H/P(Plasma) R407c LT-E1860RJ Yes   Yes Yes Yes
24K BTU H/P(Plasma) R407c LT-E2460RJ Yes   Yes Yes Yes
28K BTU H/P(Plasma) R407c LT-D2860RJ Yes   Yes Yes Yes
36K BTU H/P(Plasma) R407c LT-D3681RJ Yes   Yes Yes Yes
48K BTU H/P(Plasma) R407c LT-D4881RJ Yes   Yes Yes Yes
Hi-Wall MULTI              
2 X 7K BTU H/P R22 LM-1460H2L          
2 X 9 BTU H/P R22 LM-1966H2L          
1 x 9K + 12K BTU H/P R22 LM-2166H2L          
2 x 9K + 12K BTU H/P R22 LM-3065H3L          
Cass Multi 22 + 22K H/P  R407c LM-4460R2TJ Yes   Yes Yes Yes
HI WALL Cooling only              
9K BTU C/O R410a AS-C096QLA0   Yes      
12K BTU C/O R410a AS-C126RLA0   Yes      
18K BTU C/O R410a AS-C186TLB0   Yes      
24K BTU C/O R410a LS-K2460ML   Yes      
30K BTU C/O R407c CS-C306MLB0   Yes      
36K BTU C/O R407c CS-C366NLB0   Yes      
HI WALL Heat pump              
9K BTU H/P R410a AS-H096RLC0 Yes Yes      
12K BTU H/P R410a AS-H126RLC0 Yes Yes      
18K BTU H/P R410a LS-K1864PL Yes Yes      
24K BTU H/P R410a LS-K2463PL Yes Yes      
30K BTU H/P R407c CS-H306MLD0 Yes Yes      
36K BTU H/P R407c CS-H366NLD0 Yes Yes      
18K BTU H/P R22 LS-T186ABL   Yes      
24K BTU H/P R22 LS-T246ABL   Yes      
30K BTU H/P R22 LS-M3061BL Yes Yes      
36K BTU H/P R22 LS-H366NLD0 Yes Yes      
HI WALL Misc              
Artcool 12K H/P, Blue R410a AS-H126PBC0 Yes Yes      
Artcool 12K H/P, Wood R410a AS-H126PDC0 Yes Yes      
Artcool Wide 18K H/P, Blue R22 LS-H186VBC0 Yes Yes      
Wide 18K H/P, Wood R22 LS-H186VDC0 Yes Yes      
Mirror 12K H/P (Plasma) R410a AS-H126URD0 Yes Yes      
9K BTU INVERTER H/P R410a LS-Q096BUL Yes Yes      
12K BTU INVERTER H/P R410a LS-R126CUL Yes Yes      
18K BTU INVERTER H/P R22 LS-K1861YL Yes Yes      
9K BTU H/P R22 LWC0961PHG          
12K BTU H/P R22 LWC1264PHG          
18K BTU H/P R22 LWN1862QHG          

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