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With copper and metal prices on the rise and the recession biting,  metal thieves are busy stealing air conditioning & refrigeration coils and outdoor units


When you read a news report of a metal thief stealing air conditioning they only seem to get prosecuted for the actual crime of metal theft. In many cases when a air conditioning / refrigeration unit is stolen to get the copper alloy condenser or evaporator coil the sealed refrigerant system has to be broken into which means the refrigerant gas has to be realised into the atmosphere.  As any F-gas qualified engineer knows, to realise refrigerant into the atmosphere is a crime which can either land you a big fine or a prison sentence if the gas realise was serious enough. In criminal cases the environmental crime of realising the refrigerant gas is never brought.

So why is it that a criminal who often heartlessly steals from schools, homes, churches, offices and businesses never get prosecuted under F-Gas regulations? To provided absolute proof that a thief has realised refrigerant is hard because refrigeration systems are prone to leaks and unless there is video evidence it is hard to pinpoint.



If you require a cage for your air conditioning unit please view our sales website


If you require a cage for your air conditioning unit please view our sales website link.:


Call: +44(0)1234 841221          

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