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Capacity (kW):  
Heating (Nominal) 18.0
Cooling (Nominal) 15.5
Heating (UK) 14.9
Cooling (UK) 14.3
Power Input (kW) Heating (Nominal) 5.58
Power Input (kW) Cooling (Nominal) 5.35
Power Input (kW) Heating (UK) 4.99
Power Input (kW) Cooling (UK) 4.53
Airflow(m3/min) 100
Noise (dBA) 51
Pipe Size Gas mm (in) 15.88 (5/8)
Pipe Size Liquid mm (in) 9.52 (3/8)
Width - mm 950
Depth - mm 330+30
Height - mm 1350
Weight - kg 127
Electrical Supply 220- 240v, 50Hz
Phase Single
Mains Cable No. Cores 3
Starting Current (A) 5
Running Current (A) - Heating 23.6
Running Current (A) - Cooling 22.7
Fuse Rating (BS88) - HRC (A) 32
  Piping Restrictions    
Total Piping Length (m) 120
Furthest Piping Length (m) 80
Furthest Piping Length after 1st Branch (m) 30
Between Indoor and Outdoor Units - Height (m) 50
Between Indoor and Indoor Units - Height (m) 12









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