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Mitsubishi SRK-ZMP Wall Air Conditioning Standard Inverter


Mitsubishi Electric PEAD-RP71JA heat pump inverter ducted units



Advanced inverter technology makes the Mr Slim Power Inverter the number one choice for improving comfort. They provide energy savings of up to 70% annually when compared to a previous non-inverter model. Operating noise has also been reduced thanks to improvements in fan design, while existing pipe work is reusable for easier maintenance and installation.



Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Mr Slim PEAD Concealed Ducted Air Conditioning A+

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Mr Slim PEAD Concealed Ducted Air Conditioning A+



  PEAD-RP71JA Indoor Unit    
Capacity (kW):  
Heating (Nominal) (Low - High) 8.00 (3.50 - 10.20)
Cooling (Nominal) (Low - High) 7.10 (3.30 - 8.10)
Heating (UK) (Low - High) 6.80 (3.00 - 8.65)
Cooling (UK) (Low - High) 6.55 (3.05 - 7.45)
SHF R410A (Nominal) 0.83
COP / EER (Nominal) 4 / 3.5
Energy Label Heating / Cooling A / A
Width - mm 1100
Depth - mm 732
Height - mm 250
Weight - kg 33
Airflow (m3/min) - Lo-Mi-Hi 17.5-21-25
Noise (dBA) - Lo-Mi-Hi 26-30-34
Electrical Supply Fed by Outdoor Unit
Phase Single
Fuse Rating (BS88) - HRC (A) 6
Interconnecting Cable No. Cores 4
  PUHZ-RP71VHA4 Outdoor Unit
Width - mm 950
Depth - mm 330 +30
Height - mm 943
Weight - kg 67
Noise (dBA) (Heating /Cooling) - Lo-Hi 44-48 /44-47
Electrical Supply 220-240v, 50Hz
Phase Single
Fuse Rating (BS88) - HRC (A) 20
System Power Input (kW) - Heating (Nominal) 2
System Power Input (kW) - Cooling (Nominal) 2.03
System Power Input (kW) - Heating (UK) 1.78
System Power Input (kW) - Cooling (UK) 1.73
Starting Current (A) 5
System Running Current (A) - Heating / Cooling 9.46 / 9.62
Mains Cable No. Cores 3
Max Pipe Length (m) 50
Max Height Difference (m) 30
Charge (kg) - 30m 3.5


With the introduction of Ducted indoor unit products, some information on duct selection and design seems appropriate. Considering the performance and design of these indoor units, selection and proper duct sizing and installation will be necessary for satisfactory application. The maximum available static pressure from the low profile ducted indoor unit is 0.2 H2O. With this in mind, the ductwork design must be taken into consideration to ensure proper airflow to the space is achieved. The emphasis should still be on moving refrigerant and not air; not only will this help to work within the static pressure available but it is also more efficient. Here are some good practices when ducting the low profile unit.

When reviewing static pressure duct loss in a system, the longest duct run from the unit is the maximum static pressure the unit will see.

flexible ductwork, while making installations simpler, can add unnecessary static pressure loss if not utilized properly. Most of the static pressure duct loss comes from allowing the duct work to sag. Allowing even a 30% sag in the ductwork can increase the static pressure loss up eight times. Flexible ductwork runs should be kept to less than 15 feet. Elbows should be kept to a minimum and made as wide as possible.

Grilles should be selected so that the air velocity is less than 500 ft per minute, this will help to minimize static pressure loss.



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