Small wind turbine designers and manufacturers



- manufacture the two blade, tailless, downwind Aerostar 6 Meter Wind Turbine. Based in Westport Point, Massachusetts. 

- design and manufacture helical aeroturbines that can be mounted on existing buildings - vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Based in Chicago.

- the Californian company, better known for its unmanned aircraft technologies, has developed a small, modular Architectural Wind turbine system designed for installation on buildings in urban and suburban areas.

- design, build, specify and supply products for use in a variety of applications, all powered by wind, water and sun. Based in Berkshire.

Bergey Windpower
- a major US supplier of small wind turbines, with installations in many countries and an international network of dealers.

BroadStar Wind Systems
- designed the AeroCam with multiple parallel rotor blades and a horizontal axis, for urban high-rise buildings and commercial rooftops. Based in Dallas, Texas.

Cleanfield Energy 
- develop and manufacture a 3.5kW VAWT, primarily for the urban environment. Established in 2002 and based in Ontario, Canada.

Eclectic Energy Limited
- design and manufacture the DuoGen, a dual wind and water generator for yachts, as well as the StealthGen urban wind turbine. Based in Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire, since 1999.

Ecofys BV
- developing a series of Urban Turbines, innovative wind turbines for built up areas.

Enviro Energies
- manufacture MagWind VAWTs that use magnetic levitation to reduce friction. Based in Ontario, Canada.

- develop and produce small to medium sized wind turbines, 6 to 300kW. Formed in 2001, based in Nice, France.

Evance Wind Turbines 
- (formerly Iskra Wind Turbines) of Loughborough, Leicestershire, manufactures the R9000 5kW small wind turbine.

Fortis Wind Energy
- manufacture small wind turbines, from 1400W to 10 kW. The Passaat and Montana are marketed for mounting on suitable flat roofs. Head office is in the Netherlands.

FuturEnergy Ltd
- domestic wind turbine manufacturer, with grid tied solutions, and DIY installations. Based in the UK, a subsidiary of Special EFX Ltd.

Home Energy
- market Energy Ball HAWTs that works on the Venturi effect. Part of Wind & Water Technology, since 2006, and based in southern Netherlands.

Kestrel Wind Turbines
-  the only manufacturer of micro wind turbines in South Africa, with four models - 600W, 800W, 1kW and 3kW. Founded in 1999, based in Port Elizabeth.

Mariah Power
- manufacture Windspire, a 30 feet tall, 2 feet radius, VAWT designed for urban, suburban and rural locations. Founded in 2005 and based in Reno, Nevada.

Marlec Engineering
- formed in 1979 and originally based on the Rutland Windcharger. Based in Corby, Northants.

Marquiss Wind Power
- manufacture Aeropoint ducted wind turbines specifically for use on commercial and industrial buildings. Founded in August 2006, based in Folsom, California.

McKenzie Bay International Ltd
- their WindStor system is designed to generate and distribute electricity at urban and off-grid locations from their WindStor VAWT and System Integrator. Based in Michigan, USA.

North Energy
- a renewable energy consultancy with offices in Northumberland and Sheffield. They undertake feasibility studies, research and practical projects.

- the Californian company produce a range of VAWTs, from the 500w Seahawk to the 10kw DELTA II.

Proven Energy Ltd
- a family owned business based in Stewarton in south-west Scotland which manufactures and installs wind turbines and pv panels.

Quiet Revolution
- produce the qr5 vertical-axis helical turbine, designed with the urban environment in mind, and have several other models in development. Based in Islington, London, with turbine manufacturing and assembly in Wales.

Renewable Components
- manufacture the MiniWind range of domestic turbines and supply component parts to other manufacturers. Based in Eyemouth, South East Scotland.

Renewable Devices (Swift Turbines)
developed the Swift Rooftop Wind Energy System™, a building-mountable wind turbine.

Samrey Wind Turbines
design, manufacture and specify small wind turbines and renewable energy systems. Their Wren, Mistral and Merlin turbines are all manufactured in the UK from proprietary UK components.

SEaB Energy Ltd
design and manufacture the WindBuster 5kW VAWT in the UK. Established in 2008 and based near the New Forest National Park.

Southwest Windpower
the world’s largest small wind manufacturer produces the Skystream, AIR and Whisper small wind turbines, in Arizona. Segen is a Skystream distributor in the UK.

- a Dutch VAWT especially designed for built up areas and for roof tops on high buildings.

Urban Green Energy
- the US company has manufactured wind turbines since 2008, in China and South Korea. Now offering 300W, 1kW, and 4kW VAWTs.

Wind Energy Solutions
- manufacture the WES5 Tulipo, a 2.5 kW Dutch wind turbine especially designed for use in urban environments.

Windsave Ltd.
- formed in 2002 to develop a commercial and domestic small wind turbine system using low wind speeds, the company went into liquidation on 4 September 2009 - more details here.

Wind Simplicity
- the father and daughter team, based near Toronto, Canada, produce three standard Windancer models, mainly made from recyclable aluminium and steel, and larger turbines to order.

- produce a range of eight vertical wind turbines, all based on sailing engineering principles, with different models to suit different wind speeds. Turbines produced in central Finland, since 1979.

WindWall B.V.
- produce a Darrieus turbine with a horizontal axis, developed specifically for deployment in built-up areas.