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 The best way to use server room air conditioning

How to use server room air conditioning,  The best way to use server room air conditioning



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High COP Inverter air conditioning will save money in a short space of time:

Because server rooms require cooling 24 hours / 7 days a week service it is advised when purchasing server room air conditioning units to use a well-known brand and energy efficient inverter air conditioning systems. How to use air conditioning in a server room.Inverter air conditioning units will save energy and help prevent equipment failure while offering a long service life. All server rooms and COMM'S equipment even modern blades give off heat and need to be constantly cooled otherwise the equipment overheats and shut down causing major problems for your business. Some Mitsubishi Electric inverter air conditioning units boast a 0.15 GBP a day running cost (Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-FD25VA Wall Mounted (2.5kW / 9000Btu) High COP Inverter Air Conditioning) so the payback time over a year would be within 6 months compared to fixed speed equipment, advised for a small server rooms no bigger than 15M/sq. All information a server room manager will already know. Below are a few bits of advice we have learnt through years of fixing and installing air conditioning in server rooms.


In Case Of Breakdown:

If your server room offers critical service it may be worthwhile having some portable air conditioning units available for emergency breakdowns or if you are awaiting a part. Some manufactures have parts available from stock other may have a lead time of 6 weeks.


Cheap Air Conditioning Units Have Issues:


The cheaper air conditioning units have issues with parts so if your unit breaks down the part required may take weeks to source or may require a complete replacement. Cheaper air conditioning equipment rarely come with an outdoor cold weather / low ambient kit because they are purely designed for residential / comfort cooling applications not year round cooling (so if the temperature gets to cold outside then the indoor unit will not cool properly because the inside temperature is hotter than the outside), a common fault in northern Europe winters. They also have a fatal floor, many do not have "auto power restart" so if there is a power cut they will not restart !!


Spare Air Conditioning Capacity:


It is always advised to have spare capacity of cooling in the server room. That means either  two of the same capacity air conditioning units units fitted with the aim of either sharing the capacity or equalling it when one unit fails or a portable air conditioning unit. The later always works out better for future server room expansion as a new air conditioning unit will now be required to meet the new heat load.


How Much Cooling Capacity Is Required?


The server equipment is only as good as your power supplies or system efficiency. If you have a small server room of around 10 Sq/M and operate modern server room equipment which is electrically rated at 10kw including power supplies with a coefficient of performance of 85% (Google's server power supplies are more than 90% efficient. HP's server power supplies have reached 94% efficiency) then you can expect to lose 15% to heat or 1500 watts. Take into account the size of the room and add 130 watts / square meter or 1300 watts. The server room will require 2800 watts of cooling. It is good practice to go slightly larger in case the server room is expanded with equipment at a later date.


Server Room Air Conditioning Case Study and Running Costs:


A client's server room using a fixed speed air conditioning unit for Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial - SRK71ZE-S1 Wall Mounted (7.1kW 24000 Btu) hyper inverter wall air conditioning unit which is a hyper efficient with a cat A energy product label and designed for continual use which many server room air conditioning units require.air cooling was in need of re-newel. We advised using a Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial - SRK71ZE-S1 Wall Mounted (7.1kW 24000 Btu) hyper inverter wall air conditioning unit which is a hyper efficient air conditioning unit with a category "A" energy product label and designed for continual use which many server rooms require. The old fixed speed (non inverter) air conditioning units used a lot of energy because of the start-up current associated with inductive loads of a fixed speed compressor. The Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial - SRK71ZE-S1 Wall Mounted (7.1kW 24000 Btu) hyper inverter saved money as it only cost £2.88p / day to run at full capacity. The unit has excellent parts and service back up and has an expected life span of 10 years depending on use.



Server room efficiency: 85%

Total power of servers: 10000 Watts

Total heat loss: 1500 Watts@85%

Room in Square Meters: 1300 Watts

Total Heat Load: 2800 Watts



The Main Key Points to Think About When Purchasing Air Conditioning for Server Rooms:


Use inverter air conditioning as it will save energy in the long run.

Cheap air conditioning units do not work in cold weather because they do not have an outside fan speed controller (low ambient kit)

Use an established brand so if a part fails on you Server room air conditioning you are not waiting 8 weeks for a part.

Sometimes it is worth having two server room air conditioning units because if one fails you still have some cooling.  

To establish the heat load of you servers add up all the power supplies of your serverís rack and assume a 40% loss to heat. i.e- If you have 10 servers with 400watt power supply the total watts will be 4000 watts. assuming a 40% loss the heat load will be 1600 watts.  

Work on an average watts per/Msq of 125watts, so if you server room is 5 x 5 meters you will require a base of 3.5kw/12000btu + the heat load.

Advised manufactures for server room air conditioning Mitsubishi, Daikin, Fujitsu.

Always use auto-restart units for server room air conditioning units as power failures can shut budget air conditioning down.

If your server room is temporary (ie short term lease on building) or has building restrictions then portable air conditioning maybe your only option.

If using portable air conditioning for your server room then make sure it recycles the water for better cooling performance of that it has a integral condensate pump.

Use an established business who will not be going out of business for your server room air conditioning installation as the warranty of the air conditioning is with the supplier not the manufacturer.



We offer a complete service to IT Managers, Building Managers and Server Room / Computer / COMM'S room managers.  

Call us for a comprehensive quotation on varied air conditioning manufactures to suit any budget on new installations. We have worked with many Blue-chip organisations in helping them develop their server room air conditioning.









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