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Replacement server room air conditioning for Saga Healthcare 02/12/12

Orion air conditioning has completed the installation of a replacement server room air conditioning system for Saga Healthcare in Hatfield. The existing mix of cassette and wall mounted air conditioning units were R22 which is now banned for use in the UK and R407c which is banned for use in the UK from 2015. Because the units were old and fixed speed (either on or off according to the thermostat) the efficiency had dropped and the technology had become outmoded. The systems were at the end of their economical and safe life span.

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units are renowned for long reliable life span and are ideal for server rooms and Comm's rooms were a failure can mean the complete shut down of an entire business or at worst server damage. The new units are energy efficient inverter systems which have a high COP and modulated inverter compressor which can save up to 40% on server room air conditioning that can run 24 hours / 7 days a week. 

Pictures of the project:




What air conditioning units were installed at Saga Healthcare:

4 x  Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Power Inverter Mr Slim PKA-RP100KAL (10kW / 33000 Btu) which provided enough cooling for the 15 meter square area and 6  server racks in the server room with spare cooling capacity in case of failures. The full replacement of the existing systems with all wall air conditioning units, instead of a mix of cassettes was a safer option because when air conditioning unit fails they tend to leak water. If the water leaks out of a cassette it can drip into the top of important server equipment, with wall units this limits the leakage to the sides of the room. These Mitsubishi PKA-RP100KAL can be found worldwide and have a amazing COP (3.61 x initial electrical input) which means that every 1000w of electrical energy going in produces 3610 watts of cooling.

For more information on air conditioning suitability for server rooms visit our advice page.

Server room air conditioning efficiency and CO2 emissions:

This air conditioning system, because oversized for the area meant we had spare capacity in case of any failure on any of the systems. The clients servers held critical medical data relating patients so could never fail. The bonus of the extra capacity was that the systems ticked over at sub 50% capacity and the outdoor inverter units slowed down because the temperature had been reached, therefore just pumping small amounts of cooling energy in to maintain the server room. The energy saving was phenomenal and CO2 emissions significantly improved.

Why use a Vapac humidifier for your Server room:

The Vapac humidifier is another world renowned product for reliable and safe production of humidity for server rooms, this is ideal when air conditioning is being used as it counter acts  the drying affect air conditioning tends to have on a area. The Vapac unit can be controlled by a humidistat which gives you the option of setting the actual humidity percentage for a particular application. For server rooms there are two reasons why you should have humidity control. Firstly ASHRAE’s "Design Considerations for Data and Communications Equipment Centres" recommends relative humidity conditions between 40% and 55%, with an allowable level between 20% and 80%. If a server room has a very low humidity the chance of static can rise to problem levels even with earth strips installed. Secondly if the server room is worked in by personnel the affect of dry air sub 20% is detrimental to health, skin and eyes.

Power / Heat-Loss Summery:
Server room efficiency: 85% approximately 
Total power of servers: 20000 Watts
Total heat loss: 2550 Watts@85%
Room in Square Meters: 18750 Watts
Total Heat Load: 21300 Watts
Key points to think about when getting air conditioning for server rooms:
·        Use inverter air conditioning as it will save energy in the long run.
·        Always follow the ASHRAE’s Design considerations for data and communications equipment centres guidelines towards humidity
·        Cheap air conditioning units do not work in cold weather because they do not have a outside fan speed controller (low ambient kit)
·        Use a established brand so if a part fails on you Server room air conditioning you are not waiting 8 weeks for a spare part.
·        Sometimes it is worth having two server room air conditioning units because if one fails you still have some cooling.
·        To establish the heat load of you servers add up all the power supplies of your servers rack and assume a 40% loss to heat. i.e- If you have 10 servers with 400watt power supply the total watts will be 4000 watts. assuming a 40% loss the heat load will be 1600 watts.
·        Work on a average watts per/Msq of 125watts, so if you server room is 5 x 5 meters you will require a base of 3.5kw/12000btu + the heat load.
·        Advised manufactures for server room air conditioning Mitsubishi, Daikin, Fujitsu and Lg
·        Always use auto-restart units for server room air conditioning units as power failures can shut budget air conditioning down.
·        If your server room is temporary (ie short term lease on building) or has building restrictions then portable air conditioning maybe your only option.
·        If using portable air conditioning for your server room then make sure it recycles the water for better cooling performance of that it has a integral condensate pump.
·        Use a established business who will not be going out of business for your server room air conditioning installation as the warranty of the air conditioning is with the supplier not the manufacturer.



We offer a complete service to IT Managers, Building Managers and Server Room / Computer / COMS room managers. Call us for a comprehensive quotation on varied air conditioning manufactures to suit any budget on new installations. We have worked with many Blue-chip organisations in helping them develop their server room air conditioning.


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