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Solar PV Panel Sales


Solar PV panels including multi-crystal, Polycrystalline and High Performance Multi-crystalline. We have solar PV panels for marine, commercial and residential applications. Full ECA tax allowance available for business users. Solar panel in a n advanced photovoltaic module that incorporates polycrystalline cells to give superior efficiency. All the solar panels have an anti-reflective coating. The modules are robustly constructed using a universal frame and are offered with a warranty that will give you confidence in your system for many years ahead.

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New Stock Of The High Quality LG Solar Module:

LG's New model the "NeON 2 Black" uses CELLO Technology. Cello Technology replaces 3 Busbars with 12 thin wires, This enhances power output and reliability. This model has been designed with aesthetics in mind with an extremely modern design. The NeON 2 Black has an improved power output compared to previous LG models and is highly efficient even in limited space.

Technical Specification:

Cells                                  6x10          
Cell vendor                        LG           
Cell type                            Monocrystalline/ N-Type
Cell dimensions                156.75 x 156.75mm / 6 inches
# of busbar                       12 (Multi Wire Busbar)
Dimensions (L x W x H)   1640 x 1000 x 40 mm 64.57 x 39.37 x 1.57 inch
Front Load                        6000 Pa / 125 psf
Rear Load                         5400 Pa / 113 psf
Weight                               17.0 0.5 kg / 37.48 1.1 lbs
Connector type                  MC4, MC4 Compatible, IP67
Junction box                      IP 67 with 3 bypass diodes
Length of cables                2 x 1000 mm / 2 x 39.37 in
Glass                                 High transmission tempered glass
Frame                                Anodized aluminum


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