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Mr Nabil Hanna Afram founder and Managing Director of Space Air Conditioning now becomes Lg supplier


Mr Nabil Hanna Afram, (Neil Afram) founder and Managing Director of Space Air has now become a Lg air conditioning supplier.


Space Air was a UK based Daikin air conditioning supplier with headquarters in Guildford, Surrey. Space Air Ltd not to be confused with the Space air conditioning Branded units imported into the UK by Martin Industries UK. Space air conditioning was one of the UK's largest Daikin distributor's and has grown from a small business to medium sized company with 50+ employees. During the early years of Space air conditioning Plc they had a large chunk of Daikin air conditioning market in the UK but over time this market has now been eroded due to new distributors entering the Daikin air conditioning market such as Orion Air Conditioning, Woresley group and Hawko who have been gaining ground.


Space air conditioning has now entered the Lg air conditioing market supplying spares and complets systems including air to water heat pumps.



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