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Altherma is the commercial name given to the Daikin air source air-to-water heat pump system. The Altherma system is designed to replace conventional fossil fuel boilers (Gas/LPG/Oil/direct electric) to providing 3-5 times more energy efficient heating and hot water to family homes

Altherma is the commercial name given to the Daikin air source air-to-water heat pump system. The Altherma system is designed to replace conventional fossil fuel boilers

With space and water heating representing 85% of UK residential energy consumption, replacing conventional central heating boilers with Altherma air to water heat pumps is the single largest contribution householders can make towards reducing carbon emissions.

The Daikin Altherma is ideal for home and small commercial applications. The system comprises of a outdoor heat-pump which collects the heat from the outside air and transfers it to the indoor heat exchanger. Highly efficient and adaptable the Altherma will save money and CO2.

Choosing Altherma ... nothing but benefits!

Less energy, pleasant warmth in your home

Minimal installation cost

 Flexible configurations 
If your current heating system is equipped with low temperature heat emitters, there is no need to change it. 

 Less CO2 emissions

 No risk of freezing of the outdoor piping

Complete comfort for your family
The temperature can be reduced automatically at night or during your holiday and increase in the morning or before you return.


Even at a temperature of -20C, Altherma can still generate heat. At these extreme conditions the Altherma can supply additional heat by means of an electrical back-up heater. On an annual basis, the heat pump itself will still supply 90 to 95% of your heating requirements.


  How does it work?

The Altherma heat pump system extracts low grade thermal energy (at ambient temperature) from the environment (heat freely available in outside air), upgrades the heat to a higher temperature and releases it into the water running through your central heating system with low temperature radiators, under floor heating system or fan coil units.




Domestic hot water tank 

The water inside the storage tank is primarily warmed up by thermal energy from the outside air, thanks to a heat exchanger connected to the heat pump. An additional electrical heating element in the domestic water tank can take care of extra heat required in the shower, tub or sink. At necessary intervals the water is automatically heated to 70C  to prevent bacteria growth.

With Altherma you can enjoy delightfully warm and perfectly safe water at all times. Depending on your daily consumption of hot water, Altherma domestic hot water tanks are available in three different sizes, with the largest one being the most efficient.

Solar Collector  (optional)

In combination with solar collectors, Altherma uses thermal energy from the sun, which will keep up its good work for another five billion years, for heating the domestic hot water. The sun can provide 30 to 70% of the energy required for our hot water needs.

Intelligent temperature regulator  (optional)

The system can be combined with additional temperature regulating systems with separate thermostats for every single room. Both wired and wireless models of easy-to-use thermostats with extensive possibilities are available from Daikin.

The outdoor units

Altherma uses a natural source of energy. The outdoor unit extracts heat from the outside air and raises its temperature to a level high enough to supply heating





Daikin Altherma Air to Water Heat-pump


View a video of the Altherma on youtube here


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