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Daikin Urura Sarara  air conditioning specification 2010


Urura Sarara Capacity and power input 

HEAT PUMP - Inverter controlled
(air cooled)




Cooling capacity min~nom~max kW 1.55~2.80~3.60 1.55~4.20~4.60 1.55~5.00~5.50
Heating capacity min~nom~max kW 1.30~3.60~5.00 1.30~5.10~5.60 1.30~6.00~6.20
Nominal input cooling min~nom~max kW 0.25~0.56~0.80 0.26~1.05~1.32 0.26~1.46~1.80
heating min~nom~max kW 0.22~0.70~1.41 0.22~1.18~1.60 0.23~1.51~1.77
EER cooling 5.00 4.00 3.42
COP heating 5.14 4.32 3.97
Energy Label cooling A A A
heating A A A
Annual energy consumption kWh 280 525 730

1) Energy label: scale from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient).
2) Annual energy consumption: based on average use at 500 running hours per year full load (=nominal capacity).

Specifications indoor units 

Ururu Sarara Packshot indoor 




Dimensions HxWxD mm 305x890x209
Weight kg 14
Front panel color White
Air flow rate cooling H/L/SL m/min 11.1/6.5/5.7 12.4/6.8/6.0 13.3/7.3/6.5
heating H/L/SL m/min 12.4/7.3/6.5 12.9/7.7/6.8 14.0/8.3/7.3
Sound pressure level cooling H/L/SL dB(A) 39/26/23 42/27/24 44/29/26
heating H/L/SL dB(A) 41/28/25 42/29/26 44/31/28
Sound power level cooling H dB(A) 55 58 60
Piping connections Liquid mm 6.4
Gas mm 9.5
Drain mm 18.0
Refrigerant type R-410A
Power supply V1 1~, 220~240V, 50Hz
Infrared remote control  

Specifications outdoor units

Ururu Sarara Packshot outdoor

Inverter Controlled




Dimensions HxWxD mm 693x795x285
Weight kg 48
Casing colour Ivory white
Sound pressure level cooling H dB(A) 46 48 48
heating H dB(A) 46 48 50
Sound power level cooling H dB(A) 60 62 62
Compressor Hermetically sealed swing type
Refrigerant type R-410A
Refrigerant charge kg/m 1.4
Max. piping length m 10
Max. level difference m 8
Operation range cooling H CDB +21~43 
heating H CWB -20~24
Refrigerant type R-410A
Power supply V1 1~, 220~240V, 50Hz




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