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Mastervolt Soladin 600 Grid-Tie Inverter including PC link



Mastervolt Soladin 600 Grid-Tie Inverter including PC link

Designed for solar panels up to 600 watts. Easy installation

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The Soladin 600 is a grid connected inverter for connecting solar panels (or wind turbines) to your existing electrical system. The successful Soladin 600 Solar inverter, some 6000 of which have already been sold by Mastervolt for small 4-6 module based grid connected solar systems. The Soladin 600 offers a simple solution when connecting solar panels to your household mains supply. With it's light weight and compact size, the Soladin 600 can be installed inside existing meter cupboards or in outbuildings (but it is not suitable for outdoors). Connection to the input of the inverter is provided by 2 dedicated DC power plugs. The output should be connected in accordance with the electrical requirements for the country of installation.

The Soladin 600 is equipped with 230V and DC connections and designed for mounting inside homes. The solar inverter is fitted with two MultiContact DC terminals for easy plug&play installation. All Soladin’s are fitted with a communication port for remote monitoring and an advanced yield indicator at the front. The wide input range makes them a flexible system solution.This inverter is supplied for UK use and comes complete with DC input plugs, PC-link connection and Monitoring/Logging software. In "Hybrid" systems (those involving both wind turbines and solar PV), use the standard Soladin 600 inverter, keeping the installation simple and very neat.

The Mastervolt Soladin 600 inverter has a power rating of 600 Watt continuous with an input voltage window between 40-125V DC.

Product Key Feature's

600Wp capabilty
Excellent price/performance ratio
Exclusive lightguide power indicator
G83 approved for use in the United Kingdom
Suitable for most types of wind turbines
Free downloadable PC monitoring software
5-year warranty
Wide input range makes for a flexible system solution
Quick and easy install with mounting bracket (included)
2 dedicated DC power plugs
input voltage window between 40-125V DC
mini string inverter

Technical Data

Model Soladin 600

Article number
Operating temperature
- 20 to 50 °C (full power up to 40 ° C)
Storage temperature
- 20 ° C to 70 ° C
Relative humidity
Max. 95% non-condensing
Electronics have anti-moisture coating
Protection degree
IP 23 (for indoor use)
Safety class
Class II double insulated
Galvanic isolation
Class II HF transformer
UL 5V fire retardant ABS/PC
Wall mounting, bracket included
92 x 72x 225 mm
2 kg
5 years


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