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About Daikin air conditioning

Adding comfort to places where people gather, Live, work, and relax : this is the Daikin air conditioning objective.


Room air conditioner and cleaner use photocatalytic technology for pleasant air conditioning. 2 way cassette air conditioning system. Ceiling-mounted cassette air conditioner blends well with interiors.
Daikin air conditioning Room air conditioner and cleaner use photocatalytic technology for pleasant air conditioning. Daikin air conditioning Multi-room air conditioning system provides individual room controls. Daikin air conditioning Ceiling-mounted cassette air conditioner blends well with interiors.
Aiming for comfort

We feel that there are as many types of comfort as there are people and spaces for air conditioning.

Daikin air conditioning carefully study the full range of lifestyles in our pursuit of the optimal comfort for each. Our industry-leading air conditioning technologies bring comfort to the home and to a wide variety of other of locations as well. Daikin air conditioning examples range from offices and stores to large-scale facilities, such as domed stadiums and airports, and special environments, such as hospitals, factories, and restaurant kitchens. Daikin air conditioning are committed to bringing comfort to people everywhere in all sorts of environments with our temperature control technology providing precise control from minus 26 DegC to room temperature, and our technology improving air quality through humidification, ventilation, and purification.

The goal of Daikin air conditioning technologies

Daikin air conditioning aims to comprehensively solve any problem related to air conditioning.

Daikin air conditioning aim to be a comprehensive producer capable of responding to all air conditioning needs with advanced value-added solutions. For example, Daikin air conditioning developed the Conveni-Pack, the industry's first air conditioning system solution aimed specifically at convenience stores, to save space and reduce power consumption. It achieves this by housing the key functions of freezing, refrigeration, and air conditioning in a single outdoor unit, thus freeing up space inside the store. Using one outdoor unit for all functions provides centralized control and cuts electricity consumption. In addition, the system is backed by Daikin air conditioning 24-hour, 365-days-a-year maintenance system. Daikin air conditioning plan to continue using this flexible approach to supply new solutions to meet the varied needs of our customers in the years ahead.

Daikin Air conditioning that is gentle to the planet

Daikin air conditioning always work to protect the irreplaceable Earth.

Daikin air conditioning desire to take good care of the irreplaceable Earth is reflected in our production. Daikin air conditioning is the world's only manufacturer of air conditioners to undertake the development and production of all system components, from refrigerant to hardware. We are the first in the industry to make serious efforts to preserve the environment and are switching to refrigerants based on hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which do not harm the ozone layer, for virtually all of our industrial air conditioning systems. The already available Super Inverter ZEAS II series of commercial-use air conditioners employs an HFC-based refrigerant, energy-saving technology that boosts the coefficient of performance to between 3.7 and 4.4, and easily recyclable component parts. We are also actively engaged in research on new types of refrigerants based on natural substances, such as ammonia and hydrocarbons that contain no CFC-based substances whatsoever. As part of our energy conservation efforts, we have developed ice-storage-type air conditioners and storage-type air conditioners, which make effective use of night time electricity, as well as products friendlier to the Earth from various perspectives.

How to use Daikin air conditioning all over the world

They are now being used in food processing and distribution, agriculture, and elsewhere.

Daikin air conditioners are bringing comfort to people all over the globe. For example, you'll find them in some of the world's top hotels and in transport hubs such as international airports. The entrance to London's famous Tower Bridge is kept comfortable for visitors year round by an air conditioning system from Daikin. Our climate control systems are also widely used in the wine cellars of some of Europe's leading vineyards, where precise temperature and humidity regulation is essential. In a variety of different forms and in many different places around the world, Daikin VRV air conditioner technology plays an important role both in industry and in people's lives.




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