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Mitsubishi SRK20ZGX-S wall unit. The most efficient Mitsubishi unit on the market (5.45 x input) or (4600 watts for 844 watt input)

478.26 ex VAT
550.00 inc VAT

Prem-i-air SW Mini. A compact, easy to install, all-in-one unit Without outdoor unit.  Ideal for conservatories

569.57 ex VAT
655.00 inc VAT
The RCM4000 super quiet high power professional portable air conditioning unit with exhaust hose accessories. The unit has no need for condensate water bucket
391. 30 ex VAT
450.00 inc VAT
Prem-I-Air XDRY Dehumidifier with 10 litre per day capacity. Desiccant wheel compressor-less technology and ideal for cold spaces (Temperature range for use~ 1C - 40C). Quiet operation
173.04 ex VAT
199.00 inc VAT
LG LG Artcool Gallery  air conditioning

VOTED BEST BUY BY WHICH MAGAZINE. The front fascia clips open and allows the user to put a picture in for display giving the unit the added feature of a picture frame.

From 800.00

Solar PV Panels

Great prices on solar panel including Kyrocera solar which have a high wattage per square foot and lower mounting structure cost.

From 283.00

Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial FDTC40V Ceiling Compact Cassette (4.7 Kw 17000 Btu) Air Conditioning


Recent reduction in price.

1030.43 ex VAT
1185 inc VAT

King KG250 Double Door


Bottle Cooler (sliding door) The new double-door KG250 is a bottle cooler that can hold up to 85 bottles of  beer.

433.91 ex VAT
499 inc VAT

Orion air conditioning and refrigeration Ltd




Orion air conditioning and refrigeration Ltd, suppliers of air conditioning, inverters, heat pumps, refrigeration and energy efficient equipment for trade and end user. All types of energy efficient air conditioning and commercial refrigeration equipment supplied to the UK and Europe. With a extensive range of wall air conditioning, cassette, ducted and DIY air conditioning system's for direct sales or full installation. Some of the most efficient heat-pump inverter air conditioning split and multi unit's on the market.

Air source heat pumps are becoming a popular way of space heating underfloor heating, radiators and hybrid radiators. The Hitachi Aqua-free air source heat-pump is easily installed and highly efficient. It can be used in mixed systems unlike ground source heat-pump  equivalents, making it very adaptable.  33000 Btu and 50000 Btu systems available. Our Hybrid energy category has a range of small wind turbine, solar panels and grid-tie inverters for home and commercial use. Full range of Kyocera panels and selection of wind turbines.

Start saving money and energy with Mitsubishi HYPER inverter heat-pump air conditioning with SUPER HIGH COP (4.6 kW heat for 844 W electrical input) 10% off

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